Shaun Milne

Editor, Milne Media

Shaun Milne is an award winning journalist and publisher who has worked for a number of news publishers across the UK. Previous roles include >

Editor, Digital publishing, - STV
Managing Editor - Deadline News
Associate News Editor, Reporter - Daily Record
Editor in Chief - Planet Ink
Assistant Editor, News Editor, Reporter - Daily Mirror
Reporter - Sunday People
Freelance - The Scotsman, The National, Scotland on Sunday
Reporter - Cumnock Chronicle
Reporter - Wigtown Free Press


'Ex-BHS owner threatened to kill me', chief executive tells MPs
THE former owner of BHS threatened to kill the high street chain's chief executive when challenged over why £1.5 million was being transferred out of the cash-strapped company,...
The road to the White House
NEW Yorkers have witnessed bare knuckle fights before, but this one could get ugly as two of its own slug it out over the next five months for the keys to the White House and...
Cuts-hungry Shell set to quit half of the countries it operates in
THE boss of oil and gas giant Shell says the firm will quit operations in five out of 10 countries around the world as it looks to make dramatic savings. Chief executive Ben van...
Profile: Istanbul mourns once more
ISTANBUL, the grand old city straddling Europe and Asia across the Bosphorus Strait, has been plunged into mourning again after being hit by the fourth bombing there so far this...
European Championships go ahead in France despite terror threats says Francois Hollande
French President Francois Hollande has vowed the threat of extremism will not stop Friday's European Championship football tournament from being successful - even as...
Ann Budge: 'Terrified'... but new Queen of Hearts ready to sing in changes
Ann Budge: 'Terrified'... but new Queen of Hearts ready to sing in changes. We have to make decisions quickly because we're running out of time says new team
Interview: Drew Hendry, the man plotting Alexander's downfall
THERE'S a stirring in the Highlands: a mood of determination and thoughts of change. It weaves itself through the narrow streets of Inverness, up beyond the lochs and hills, and...
Lucky tip prize
The Sun
Blog - Hebridean Celtic Festival : Hebridean Celtic Festival
It really is a magical feeling. Standing there in the midst of the festival site, the grounds still and quiet save for the clanking of stages being erected or the odd hammer on...
Blog - Hebridean Celtic Festival : Hebridean Celtic Festival
It's creeping up on two years since Sophie Rogers stood there, guitar in hand, and dazzled us with her smile. For all the music that breezed through HebCelt that gorgeous 2014,...
Blog - Hebridean Celtic Festival : Hebridean Celtic Festival
There was a moment, just a brief moment when the sun poked its head out from under the clouds gathering over Lews Castle as the gates creaked open and decided that it wanted to...
Face to face with a beast
The Sun
Blog - Hebridean Celtic Festival : Hebridean Celtic Festival
It's a well-worn routine by now for those of non-islander regulars. The long drive north, landscape changing from cityscape to forest, then hill, burn and eventually mountain...
Burst water main floods Bathgate homes
FIREFIGHTERS are battling to save properties after a burst water main caused severe flooding in Bathgate. They were alerted at 8.23am this morning to reports of flooding at a...
Bathgate homes flooded for the second time in four days - BBC News
Homes in West Lothian have been flooded for the second time in four days, after the same water main burst again. Residents said that at the height of the flood, about 3ft (1m)...
Blog - Hebridean Celtic Festival : Hebridean Celtic Festival
If there really is such a thing as a parallel universe, if time could shift as easily as an iPod track or if walls could sing, just imagine the memories that might be squeezed...

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