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Scott Shumaker

Content strategist, UX writer, editor, trainer

Location icon United States

My passion for writing, training, and communications strategy runs deep and is constantly inspiring me to create.

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About me

I have over 15 years' experience as an editor, copywriter, communications strategist, and trainer. Check out my resume.

Training Testimonials

"Scott managed to get over fifteen years of experience into a two-day workshop which has revolutionized our approach..."

Training outside your comfort zone

Points to ponder when your audience is at home ... but you're not So I'm in a room with a projector and an untrustworthy laptop, scheduled to do a training on a subject with which I'm only really 60 percent familiar. I've only previously met one or two people in the room.

Give better presentations by learning from the bad ones

Lessons you can learn when you're losing the room Trainings and presentations are as closely tied to their presenter as they are to their subjects. We've all been bored to tears during presentations; we've also been inspired and informed as a result of them.

Miscellaneous topics

Maggie & Him, Ronnie & Me

Writer Damian Barr creates a work of singular survival "He used to be in the movies."My mother-who, in 1980 was a youthful 52-year old-said this matter-of-factly, sometimes dreamily, and often with real fervor when I asked her how she "knew" Ronald Reagan.

Deer baloney - This Happened to Me

The story of the boy who didn't hunt. In the rural western Pennsylvania county in which I was raised, the Monday after Thanksgiving is, as it has been for generations, an unofficial holiday. The mail is still delivered; banks remain open; public services continue.

Do I really remember that?

Although it may not have happened, a memory serves a purpose. Every holiday season it is there, as reliable as eggnog. One distinct memory. It goes back to a snowy early afternoon in 1977.

The loss of Robin Williams...and our new way of grieving

"What's the point of grieving if there's no one there to see you do it?" - Edina Monsoon (Jennifer Saunders), Absolutely Fabulous The tragic death of Robin Williams yesterday garnered instantaneous reaction. Text messages, Facebook feeds, tweets, updates on news sites-word of his death came immediately, instantly absorbed, universal in its scope.

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