Sam Robinson

Writer, historian, storyteller

I am a writer, doctoral researcher, and analyst with wide-ranging communication interests.
I love to encapsulate social and product experiences within engaging and meaningful content.
Contact: [email protected]


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Training Tuesday: 3 Steps to Build Base Fitness for Ragnar Trail Relays - Ragnar Trail Blog
Written by Salomon Ambassador, Sam Robinson. Much like the singer Meghan Trainor, here at Ragnar we're all about that base. In this case, we are all about helping you build base...
7 Ways to Store Gels on the Run - GU Energy Labs
Sometimes you need a more minimal way to store your Gel, especially in a race when every extra ounce of weight counts.
5 Reasons to Choose to Chew - GU Energy Labs
With multiple fueling options, when should you choose to chew?
The Breakfast Club
A weekly newsletter designed to inspire, motivate, and engage local athletes.


Running up a Mountain Makes It Feel Smaller
You really haven't lived until you've picked vomit out of your own shoes.
You Can Never Escape Runner's Guilt
For a sport that prides itself on its simplicity, distance running often plumbs the messy depths of the human psyche.
12 Miles to Transcendence
Over a decade ago, I ran twelve miles around a volleyball court. Here's what I learned.
Strava Is Killing the Blissful, Beautiful Loneliness of Running
Sure, the fitness app makes training and racing more social, but running is meant to be isolating. The question is: Can we run without it?
The Gaunt Life
Culture, history, distance running.

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