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Shams Al-Shakarchi

Journalist, News Editor

Location icon United Kingdom

Journalist and news editor with nine years' experience from the south east to the Middle East.


Middle East

The New Arab
Everyday Iraq: Photographers capture life beyond bombs

'People want to have a happy life, no matter where and when, and that's also the case in Iraq,' said photographer Ahmad Mousa. With bad news breaking in the country almost every day, it would be reasonable to assume Iraq was always a war zone.

The New Arab
#SheDefends: Honouring Middle Eastern activists on International Women Human Rights Defenders Day

Driven by deep-rooted discrimination against them and stereotypes about their appropriate role in public life and politics, they are more prone to attack than men because they are seen as breaking conservative social norms. November 29 is International Women Human Rights Defenders Day and has been marked with tributes to women worldwide who bravely fight for their rights.

The New Arab
Let this be the last plea for Aleppo

"We have tried death by chemical weapons, by barrel bombs, by mortar shells. We have tried death by drowning in the Mediterranean, by freezing in refugee camps. There is no death that the Syrian people have left to try." For Stephen O'Brien, the UN's top humanitarian official, it seems he has tried every form of words possible.

The New Arab
How 'Breast Cancer Aware' is Israel really?

In case its decade-long blockade on Gaza - where hospitals have an intermittent power supply, the approval rate for patients needing treatment has hit a seven-year low, and half of households receive only sporadic access to clean water - had you thinking otherwise.

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