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Saima Masood is a passionate writer,author, blogger, daydreamer + coffee lover. Her life revolves around two things —food and writing. She loves writing on topics related to relationship, parenting, personal development or anything that takes her fancy. Humor is her middle name. Food is one that can instantly turn her on. You can also follow her at Facebook or

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8 Best Vlogging Cameras With Flip Screen That YouTubers Use [2018]

Vlogging is fun, isn't it? Love it or not, But it can be a bit challenging if you are not equipped with the right camera. Since, vlogging also known as video blogging is all about connecting with your audience from all over the world through sharing your story and perspective, having a decent quality vlogging camera is a must for every vlogger.
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Living She
Top 17 Most Effective Tips for Healthy Relationships

Following tips for healthy relationship in the article can help you and your partner create a healthy, loving relationship: These relationship tips have helped many couples. this could help you too as these tips are based on psychology of men and women.

Living She
11 Guys You Should never date and avoid like the Plague

But what if the ice is too cold and the spice too spicy? Run. Like. Hell. Relationships are something that should not be linked to our happiness, and they should not be the criteria of a persons success.

Being Guru
How to achieve Success by developing rapport with people

Have you ever wondered why some people are in a relationship, but still lonely? Have you ever wondered why some people find it hard to get along with others? They tend to get more into verbal fights, have trouble handling their relationships, and making new friends.