Ryan McKernan

Content Writer

Hi, my name is Ryan and this is my portfolio. I'm a content writer with over eight years of experience through a wide range of media. Notable clients include The University Wits, Teen Truth, Epic Entertainment, the YMCA, and the University of Texas. If you're interested in hiring a creative powerhouse who doesn't believe in writer's block, then feel free to reach me at [email protected]

YMCA Town Lake
Fitness Assessment

A slightly more technical document I made for the YMCA Town Lake.

13 Reasons Why Blog & Email Blast

This was a blog post, and an email blast. The email had an open rate of 281%. The blot post remains one of the most visited on the site.

Building School Culture From the Inside Out

Sample from the book: This tiny book offers a series of steps which you can take to quickly and easily reap the massive benefits of a positive school culture. Some books do a fantastic job of explaining a handful of concepts over the course of hundreds of pages. In some cases, where concepts are illusive or complex, this can be a huge advantage. In others, it is an excellent waste of time. Imagine, for example, that you are hosting a breakfast gathering. Your guests are eager to...

Epic Entertainment
Typewriter Poet

In addition to the work I did for EPIC's webpage, I also worked (and on occasion, still work) as a typewriter poet! It's probably the coolest writing gig in the world.