Roy Miller


Location icon United States of America

Roy Miller is a film lover, cat person and contributing editor to his local newspaper. His works have appeared in various literary magazines and websites. He has four self-published titles and currently lives in Michigan with his wife and several pets.

Midland Daily News
The stigma with 'entry-level' jobs

There are a host of jobs in the U.S. that are considered entry-level. Retail, food service, hospitality. The belief is that, since these jobs don't require extra schooling for the most part and can be had by pretty much anyone, that they are simple and best suited for teenagers first entering the job market or ex-convicts looking to reintegrate.

Midland Daily News
Do low-income people have future in Midland?

I want to begin this piece by saying that while I was born and raised in Midland, I have lived other places. I spent ten years in the state of Maine and also did a short stint in the city of Chicago.