Robert Laker

United Kingdom

A graduate with MA in Modern History (76%, Distinction) and a background in historical writing. I pride myself on my ability to communicate in a clear and engaging way with variety of audiences, exploring historical topics in a way which is accessible to broad audiences.

I have written professionally for the Welsh Centre for International Affairs, supporting their Heritage team with independently researched articles. These articles achieved a high engagement on social media, including interest from members of the Welsh Senedd, and generated a high degree of exposure for the organisation's heritage work.

My proudest accomplishment as a writer is the contribution of a chapter to an academic history book, which will be published by an academic press later this year under the title: 'In the Eyes of the World: Media Oversight and Diplomatic Practices at the League of Nations Assembly'.

Welsh Centre for International Affairs
Peace Profiles: Winifred Coombe-Tennant, Britain's first woman at the League of Nations - Welsh...

Marking International Women's Day, 2022 'Peace profiles' is a series by Academi Heddwch Cymru, which aims to draw attention to peace figures from around the world who have had a role in Welsh peace history. This feature marking #IWD2022, celebrates 100 years of Welsh Women in world peace and diplomacy, with a focus on Britain's first female delegate to Geneva.

Welsh Centre for International Affairs
The 1935 Peace Ballot in Wales - Welsh Centre for International Affairs

By Rob Laker, History Masters Researcher, Swansea University (student placement with WCIA's ' Peace Heritage' programme). Download Printable PDF Booklet The 1935 Peace Ballot was a UK wide poll of Britain's electorate designed to measure the public's opinions regarding the key debates in international relations at the time.

Welsh Centre for International Affairs
Daffodil Days of the 1920s-30s: Celebrating Wales-wide Community Activism on #WorldPeaceDay -...

Blog and research by WCIA Archives Intern Rob Laker, on placement with Wales for Peace from Swansea University History Dept over Summer 2019. Drawing on materials from the National Library of Wales and Temple of Peace Archives; and Annual Reports of the Welsh League of Nations Union 1922-45 on People's Collection Wales, digitised by WCIA (with support of Swansea doctoral student Stuart Booker) for future ...