Richard Philip


Writer and editor with professional experience in current affairs and medical news.



Medical Tribune

Bad dengue test kits damaging to public health

Faulty diagnostic tools help dengue thrive.

What's Up

Junkyard of treasure

Vintage cars found on a French farm

Medical Tribune

Diabetes medicine effective in treating cancer

Metformin effective in reducing cancer.

The NTU and Imperial College London medical newsletter

Redefining medicine

A look at how technology is changing the way medical education is delivered

Capital News

"China is open for business, but are U.S. tech firms game?"

Find out how tech MNCs are adapting to China, and about the economics of drug pricing

Asian Journalism Fellowship News

Report sensitively, not sensationally

How the media can cover politically charged topics in this day and age

Medical Tribune

Overdiagnosis of cancer damaging to patients

Did you know that some cancers disappear by themselves?

Medical Tribune

Lung surgery through a single cut

Lung surgery through a single incision promises patients quick and almost pain-free recovery.

Medical Tribune

Physicians after five

Find out what famous doctors and scientists do after work.

Medical Tribune

Getting down-to-earth about sex

Dr Wei Siang Yu – better known as Dr Love – has an interesting bedside manner.

Sil Ad Singapore

Wrote an ad for Volkswagen

Another way to say, "Grab it while stocks last."