Rheanna Egleton

Content and Copywriter

United Kingdom

Hey, I'm Rheanna! Welcome to my little plot of land on the internet.

I have been copywriting and creating content for almost four years now but my love of writing started way before that when I found poetry in primary school. My first poem was published in a Young Writers Anthology when I was six. But don't worry, my writing has improved since then.

As a creative and detail-orientated individual with a knack for storytelling, I have demonstrable experience in producing engaging content for various industries. I am skilled in social media management, have knowledge of SEO, and have worked on website management.

Whether you're looking for long-form content such as blogs, website copy and newsletters, or short-form social media posts, emails, and infographics, I'm sure I can help.

I would love to hear from you to see how I can help you create copy and content that piques your audience's interest.

Send me an email to get started: [email protected]



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