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Mobility has been a defining feature of my life. As a child, I particularly enjoyed playing Game of the States, a board game that involved moving cargo around the country. When not indoors contemplating the states I wanted to visit, I found inspiration biking along the bay and exploring urban wilds in my Rhode Island neighborhood. My interest in geography and deep fascination with the natural world evolved into concern for the planet. I became an environmental educator and a gardener. When not working outdoors, I explored mountains, deserts and oceans primarily by foot, pedal and paddle. Eventually I shifted careers and became a pediatric physical therapist. Throughout, I have been writing short fiction and essays inspired by my experiences in the outdoors and am excited to share these with a wider audience. Thank you for reading.

Whoa Mag
No Trail Angel - Whoa Mag

I merged into the streams of rush hour traffic on a Friday, wondering whether I should have Google Mapped the trailhead when I agreed to provide a shuttle so that my husband could complete his last section of the Arizona Trail. I gently reminded myself not to calculate the hours or the miles as it [...]

Camas Magazine
Camas Blog: Read the Latest - Camas Magazine

Driving up Craycroft, driving along Sunrise, or driving across Tucson's midsection my eyes look to the mountains at every opportunity. I will myself to focus on the road but it is especially hard at red lights not to search the ridgelines, fixate on the billowing smoke, and scan desperately for helicopters and planes.

Women's Adventure Magazine
Hiking Alone - Women's Adventure Magazine

Rebekah Doyle I am a woman. I am a hiker. I often hike alone. For years I was too afraid to hike alone. I grappled with my overactive imagination. I struggled to cultivate a comfort zone where none existed. For reasons both practical and mysterious I eventually found myself enjoying the rush of engaging in ...

Colorado Gardener
Growing Victory

An essay about community gardening in Durango, Colorado

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