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Hello! I'm an aspiring freelance writer interested in fashion, lifestyle, tech, beauty, business and much more!

2017 Mobile Technology Trends You Need to Know About

Considering modern smartphones have only been a fixture in our lives since around 2007, and the Apple App Store has only been around for nine years, we've come a long way in mobile technology. Screens are getting bigger, phones are getting smarter and connectivity is on the rise.

SmartData Collective
Big Data, Machine Learning Essential To Drive App Development Growth

There are currently 5 billion mobile devices in the world, which means big business for app developers. It has been predicted that the app development industry will be worth $20 billion by 2020, but there's little chance of reaching this stage without the help of big data.

2017 Set To Be Tipping Point For Flexible Working

A new study from the Lancaster University Work Foundation revealed that over half of UK businesses are likely to offer flexible working opportunities in 2017. Every UK worker who has been with a company for at least six months is entitled to request a change to their working arrangements, but it has only been two years since the law was changed to allow all workers to request flexible working, not just individuals with care responsibilities.

Eye Heart Creative
Make The Switch In 2017: How to Prepare Yourself For Freelancing

I'm so excited to introduce guest, Rebecca Harper, a freelance writer and occasional creative sort living in London. After studying for a degree in English, she decided to pursue a freelance career as a journalist. As this article suggests, she occasionally caves and gets sucked into a full-time job, and has made the switch to freelancing more than she'd like to admit.

Students Toolbox
Brexit causes concern for future of Erasmus exchange programme

The Erasmus programme is a highly respected scheme that enriches the student experience for tens of thousands of people every year. The programme allows students from the UK to spend a year studying at prestigious universities throughout Europe. Conversely, students from throughout the EU are also able to spend a year studying at a UK university for up to one year.