Rayne Affonso

Poet, essayist, short story writer, children's book author

Trinidad and Tobago


- Co-author of Juanita (2024)

- First-place winner of the Spectrum Poetry Competition (2022) held by Renard Press

- Finalist in the Short Fiction Story Contest for the BCLF Elizabeth Nunez Award for Writers in the Caribbean (2023)

- Nominee for the Pushcart Prize (2023)



Twin Bird Review
Sans Humanité - Rayne Affonso

The diplodocus longus goes first. The audience sits with bated breath: the reptiles on opposite ends of long benches, scaly forelimbs poised to strike the wooden countertops in something close...

I wrote this in the dark

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Renard Press
Spectrum - Renard Press

The concept of identity - be it class, gender, sexuality, national, institutional, or anything else we define ourselves by - has gone through radical change over the past half-century, and the idea of definition by binary oppositions is no longer as relevant as it once was.

Grand Little Things
On My Way to Austria By Rayne Affonso

On My Way to Austria All swift-footed, carrying far too much, A stranger took me for a nighttime stroll. And Schönbrunn, only inches from my touch, Became the mission of another soul. I had to keep myself from dissolving In rings around the cadence of his song, So we sit and watch the world evolving...

Creative Non-Fiction

Children's Books

Short Stories

Brooklyn Caribbean Literary Festival
For Esme - Rayne Affonso - Brooklyn Caribbean Literary Festival

by Rayne Affonso (Trinidad & Tobago) In my tea leaves last Wednesday was the swooping stroke of calligraphy. My mother raised her eyebrows, the question unasked, but years of preparation allowed me to keep my face aloof.