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A rabid fan of all types of music (yes, even THAT music), Paula spends her nights prowling bars, coffee shops, concert halls and back alleys, losing her hearing as she finds your next favorite band.

Floated Alternative Culture Magazine
Dadstache Records: Dad Rock for Young Punks

Dad Rock For Young Punks. Dadstache’s motto sums up not only what the music on the label sounds like, but also what it stands for. The label was started back in 2013 by three college students with a passion for emerging music and a sense of conviction about preserving it in a physical format. The trio has long since graduated from RIT. Joe and AJ have moved on, but JT Fitzgerald continues to carry on this labor of love.

NYS Music
Making A Modern Classic: Tough Old Bird's 'The Old Great Lakes'

The Old Great Lakes is a captivating collection, brimming with the beautiful verse and evocative arrangements Tough Old Bird has become known for. However, this work transcends everything they've done, pioneering beyond the confines of traditional folk. Tough Old... #BrentMartone #buffalo #fillmore

Floated Alternative Culture Magazine
Jesse Amesmith

Jesse Amesmith. Musician. Songwriter. Artist. Yogi. She bubbles over with compassion and creative energy. But her optimism is hard-won. She’s faced so many challenges head-on, with the help of her creative undertakings. “If I were to tell myself ten years ago where I am right now,” Jesse ponders. “Me ten years ago thought my life was over. I had to move back to Rochester from Chicago. I had this whole other life.”

NYS Music
Interview: Maybird's Josh Netsky on Music and Mixtapes

Rochester/Brooklyn band Maybird will soon be launching their second release on 30th Century Records. The first song off the recording, "Don't Keep Me Around," is indicative of the unique sound the band has crafted over the past six years - an amalgamation of indie and roots rock... #maybird

NYS Music
Interview: Arlo Guthrie Carries on Thanksgiving Traditions and...

Tucked away in the quaint Massachusetts town of Great Barrington stands an old church. The site would be unremarkable had it not been for the events that unfolded there beginning Thanksgiving 1965. At that time, the church belonged to Alice and Ray... #Alice'sRestaurant #ArloGuthrie #CarnegieHall

NYS Music
Interview: Young Culture Takes New Release 'Blue' On The Road

Vibrant pop punk outfit Young Culture made their way from their hometown of Albany to Rochester on February 17 for the first night of their coast to coast tour. They're on the road promoting their sophomore EP, Blue, which was... #AlwaysBeGeniusStudios #DannyDeRussoPhotography #DerekDiscanio

Floated Alternative Culture Magazine
The Demos

The Demos are all about the love. The indie pop band’s body of music includes ballads with titles like “If You Only Knew” and “Lonesome No More.” The upbeat melodies go hand in hand with positive messages about love. Fostering relationships is an overarching theme not only in their music but in their lives. As one of their lyrics goes, “Don’t we all live for each other?” Floated turned to The Demos for some expert advice on love, relationships, and dealing with heartbreak/

South Wedge Quarterly
Nate Coffey

“I thrive on meeting people from around the world, a universal soul,” says Nate Coffey. The down-to earth musician is reticent to toot his own horn (he’s got a brass section for that!). As humble as he is, his music speaks volumes.

Alison Cote

If you live in Rochester, you've probably seen artwork by Alison Cote. Her work isn't tucked away in some gallery. It's everywhere. "The city is my gallery," says Alison. "The bands that are hiring me put up my posters all over the place. Record shops, places where people get food, and even street poles."