Patrick Spencer

multimedia journalist


I am a multimedia journalist practising the art of storytelling. Here you will find samples of my work - photographs, videos and articles - that demonstrate my abilities. I've worked as a reporter for Spoke Online, Conestoga College's news site, and recently completed a summer internship at The Owen Sound Sun Times. All photos and videos contained within the articles are my own. You can contact me at [email protected].


Digital and Print

Photo gallery

A collection of my photographs, editorial and creative.

Owen Sound Sun Times
Students, Bishop museum tell the stories of slain PoWs

This is a news story about the opening of a student-curated exhibit at the Billy Bishop Museum in Owen Sound, Ont. It demonstrates my ability to write an active lede, logically organize information and handle sensitive topics. It was published in print and online by the Owen Sound Sun Times, where I worked as a summer intern.

Spoke Online
The Tamale Girl finds a home in St. Jacob's

A scene-setter leads this profile of an entrepreneur with a story to tell. My interview brought out fascinating anecdotes, personal struggles and plenty of colour.

Owen Sound Sun Times
Bear sighting in Owen Sound neighbourhood

The result of following up on a single afternoon tweet, this spot news story demonstrates my ability to use witnesses as a source, and to get information quickly when officials are not forthcoming. It is also an example of my hard news writing.

OPINION: In Canada, the richest get richer

This editorial responds to new research conducted by Statistics Canada on the country's richest citizens. Using data as a jumping point, it incorporates research, facts and a persuasive style meant to drive conversation.

Class Assignment
Blazing Trails

This first-person travel feature takes readers on a walk through a beloved forest in Waterloo alongside memorable characters. The layout and design were created by me in Adobe InDesign.

Owen Sound Sun Times
Cricket farmer finds success, support in Owen Sound

This is a business profile of a cricket farm in Owen Sound. Written during my stint as a summer reporter for The Sun Times, it incorporates a compelling character, unique subject matter, engaging photographs and the do-or-die drama of a fledgling operation to hook readers in.

Spoke Online
Condors soar over Cougars as end of season approaches

This is a sports story on a pair of weekend basketball games played by the Conestoga Condors. I highlight two of Conestoga's star players, and with the use of statistics, prove that they are, indeed, stars. The story was published on Conestoga College's online news site.


Spoke Online
Conestoga students' bus pass back on the table after court ruling

The provincial government scrapped Conestoga College's plans for a student bus pass. But once an Ontario Divisional Court deemed the decision unlawful, there were questions about whether the bus pass could return. In this video story, I talk to the key figures in the know, delivering a brief, informative piece about the situation. Created on a weekly deadline, this story incorporates all of my skills as a broadcast journalist, from technical camera work to on-camera performance.


Waterloo Region Record
Copywriting sample - Leis Pet Inc.

This is an advertorial I wrote as a freelancer for the Waterloo Region Record. It is a friendly profile of a local business celebrating its 25th anniversary, which demonstrates my ability to meet both the needs of a publication and a client under a tight deadline. I conducted the interview, researched the business and took the photographs.