Patrick O'Boyle


United States



Charlotte Viewpoint
My personal Coney Island: The fate of Eastland Mall

An in-depth research piece about the history of a bygone Charlotte landmark, which had stood vacant for nearly a decade at the time of publication, and has since been demolished.

Copywriting & Editing

Copywriting work with HUSH studios
The Economic Graph, LinkedIn Headquarters

I assisted HUSH studios with the creation of narratives brought to life in their interactive "Economic Graph." The display, designed for LinkedIn Headquarters in Sunnyvale, CA, allows viewers to "choose their own adventure" and navigate through simulated LinkedIn journeys. In my collaboration with designers at HUSH, I researched, wrote and edited much of the copy in the display.

Travel Writing

Exploring the Quilmes Ruins

An epic day-trip to the Quilmes ruins, the oldest-known Pre-Columbian human settlement in Argentina. As I climb the mountainside where this indigenous group held out against colonization, I explore their amazing and tragic history, which bizarrely culminates in the branding of Argentina's biggest domestic beer brand.

The Delights of Cafayate

The story of a perfect few days spent in Cafayate, a town surrounded by vineyards in northwest Argentina. Highlights include a long bike ride through the Quebrada de las Conchas, a winding sandstone canyon; mistela, a local sweet wine; and locro, a rich stew enjoyed with our host and his family.

Uyuni Carnaval

Memoir of a long, colorful, complicated night watching Carnaval parades in a dusty desert outpost on the Bolivian Altiplano.


La Vida Eterna, by Guillermo Lorca

In June 2014, I visited the Museo Nacional de Belles Artes in Santiago, Chile. I wrote about experiencing La Vida Eterna (Eternal Life), a large exhibit of surreal, intoxicating, apocalyptic paintings by Guillermo Lorca.


Patabamba, self-titled LP

In 2015, I formed a Latin fusion band with siblings Claudio and Liza Ortiz and Davey Blackburn. My contributions to this project included songwriting in English and Spanish, lead and background vocals, lead and rhythm guitar, designing the band's font, and learning to play the bongos. In 2016 we released our self-titled album on CD and Bandcamp. Tracks from this album were featured in the New Latino Sound exhibit in the Levine Museum of the New South.

Silent Desert

In 2018, I released my first solo EP, Silent Desert, produced by Jeremy Snyder (Pure Adult) and recorded at the Seaside Lounge in Brooklyn.

IG - @psych_ops
Psych Ops

I am currently performing with a garage-punk power trio called Psych Ops. I am the principal songwriter, vocalist and guitarist. I also manage the band's social media and handle booking.