Oskar Jeff

Freelance Writer

United Kingdom

My main passion is underground club music, with a taste for the stranger ends of the spectrum.

I write the monthly electronic music round-up for Loud and Quiet magazine:

Alongside writing, I host a monthly radio show, Tinned Heat, on Soho Radio and produce music under the name Dome Zero.

Available for bio and press releases. Previous work for Oblig, LUXE, Softi, Bluetoof, Elijah Minnelli and Alicia.

Get in touch: [email protected]

Loud And Quiet
Black Midi and the Holy Grail - Loud And Quiet

We sent London's weirdest rock band to a Da Vinci-themed escape room for no good reason When I was told I was going to interview London experimental rock group -meets- Black Midi in an escape room in Shepherd's Bush, I'd be lying if I said that the Vice Partridge character of the prospect didn't occur to me.

Loud And Quiet
Hudson Mohawke: "There's a tendency to over-intellectualise club music"

Oskar Jeff: How are you feeling about the new record? Hudson Mohawke: I feel pretty good. I feel a little trepidation, and I think that's healthy to be honest. HM: With that last project I was so burnt out doing live shows. I really wanted to make an album that was not club-focused at all.

Loud And Quiet
Grove: Bristol's radical new voice in queer dancehall - Loud And Quiet

"These tunes are a statement of who I am, not necessarily reflective of everyone who's queer and Black" "It's never been a conscious thing. It's just needing to express whatever anger or resentment I've got piling up inside, and working out in what ways I can do that."

The Sound Of: Bokeh Versions

Meshing dancehall, dub, techno and industrial music, Bristol's Bokeh Versions label has carved a unique niche in the UK underground

On Cue: Sully

Sully celebrates the infinite potential of the breakbeat in his thrilling On Cue mix

Loud And Quiet
Sherelle is building a unique platform for Black, queer artists - Loud And Quiet

BEAUTIFUL's mission statement is unique, and the necessity of this kind of project becomes more clear by the day, but it isn't the first foray into running a label for Sherelle. Hooversound Recording s, a label co-run with fellow DJ Naina, is, while slightly more traditional in its structure, quietly radical in its own right.

Loud And Quiet

As the tragic passing of underground hip hop icon MF DOOM draws an endpoint on a prolific and creatively unparalleled career, the urge to make sense of his somewhat labyrinthine back catalogue grows stronger than ever.

Loud and Quiet Magazine
John FM Interview

An interview with Detroit producer John FM follow his recent release on XL Recordings.

Loud And Quiet
Zuli - All Caps (UIQ0012) - Album Review - Loud And Quiet

All Caps is the return of Cairo-based producer ZULI to Lee Gamble's UIQ imprint. It's an impressively hell-bent set of experiments in dancefloor contortion, balanced with off-the-wall humour throughout. Opener 'Tany' immediately sets the pace with its blistering jungle breaks and haphazard filtering, evoking the anarchic breakbeat experiments of the influential German label Digital Hardcore.