Olivia Parr

Media Associate, Port City Daily

United States of America

After graduating from Howard University with my BA in Political Science, I spent several years in the US Government as an intelligence analyst. The environment was stimulating and the work was larger-than-life, but the position was not a perfect fit. I wanted to write about topics that make a real-world impact.

In my current position as a Media Associate for Port City Daily, I stay abreast of socioeconomic and community issues in addition to local government in Wilmington, North Carolina.

When I am not writing, I am usually reading books by Gillian Flynn and Stephen King, or rewatching old episode of Game of Thrones.

Port City Daily
Why it takes more than a supermarket to eliminate a food desert | Port City Daily

Author's note: Statistics show several neighborhoods across the city of Wilmington suffering from a lack of access to affordable, healthy food. These areas are known as food deserts. The USDA defines food deserts as "census tracts" (neighborhoods) that are both low-income and have low-access to grocery stores or supermarkets.

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PSA: This Vegan Skin Care Line At Sephora Is Under $20 & It's A Game Changer

There's a new vegan skincare brand at Sephora and it's selling out like hotcakes. Launched on the beauty website on Dec. 20, The Ordinary has taken the world by storm with its quality products and insane prices. The Ordinary is one of ten brands under the parent company Deciem, which calls itself an "umbrella of brands focused on advanced functional beauty."

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This Just In: Tesla Switches To Vegan Leather Car Seats, Rocks Auto Industry

It's time to rejoice. Over the past couple of years, vegan leather products have appeared on the shelves of major retailers in the form of shoes, purses, and various accessory items. However, when it comes to vehicles, automobile manufacturers continue to reinforce the notion that an animal-based leather interior is the gold-standard of wealth.

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This Boss's Viral Response To Employee's Mental Health Day Request Is Perfect

Whether we're feeling burnt out, stressed out, or simply exhausted from the strain of being overworked, most employees either don't take time off or we lie and come up with some "legitimate" illness to request a sick day in order to have a mental health day that we so desperately need.

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Free People And PETA Collaborate To Create Dreamy Vegan Clothes & Accessories

Shopping for compassionate clothing just got a lot easier. According to Teen Vogue, Free People and PETA have teamed up to create a summer fashion lookbook to highlight sustainable clothing options. PETA has long lauded Free People's commitment to marketing and carrying a variety of animal-free options and awarded them with the Compassionate Business Award in October 2016.