Niladri Sen

Freelance Fiction Writer


Hello, I am Niladri Sen, a 26 year old writer based in Paris, France. I am enthusiastic about travel, meeting new people and exploring new ideas and ways of thinking. All of that of course finds a way into the stories I write.

I love learning and always challenge myself to know more and live more curiously. I am a voracious consumer of entertainment and a huge pop culture nerd. I live for cinema, television, books and videogames.

Self- Vivendi-Sciences Po
The Exodus

I submitted this short story for the Vivendi-Sciences Po Scholarship Prize and won the cash prize of 5000 euros. The topic of the competition was “diversity in times of crisis” which was fitting because it was during the pandemic summer of 2020. I imagined a complex human-like marine metropolis with fishes and sea creatures that live under the water. These creatures are affected by the toxins of human civilization, as an oil spill threatens to poison and engulf the entire city. Together they...

Self - Unpublished
Jaya - Indian TV Treatment

When I applied to UCLA for my Master’s, I had to write and develop two TV treatments - one local (Indian) and the other American. These TV treatments have been developed in the form of an unaired pilot, giving the readers an idea about the characters, setting, and a brief synopsis of the pilot. Jaya is a crime drama set in Calcutta, India, and explores the depraved fantasies of an accomplished sculptor who will stop at nothing to create his magnum opus. The events are set during Durga Puja, a...

Self - Creative Writing Seminar, Ashoka University
Narrative, Character and Dialogue Sample

During my undergrad seminar on Creative Writing, I came up with ideas for some characters and a story in pre-Independent India, when the British still ruled the country. The British rule was marked by tyranny and bloodshed, and is also fertile grounds for interesting characters. I imagined a magic-realist world and introduced a host of different characters with varying motivations and aspirations. I am still working on the project so it's not quite finished yet, but I am happy to share some...

Self - Unpublished
The Werewolf of Tulsa

This is a project I worked on while I was interning at Gameloft. I enjoyed learning about narrative design and worked on a test to develop my own concept and narrative idea for a mobile videogame. I love American history and African-American history is something that has been generally neglected by mainstream media. My piece takes place in Tulsa, Oklahoma during the events of the Black Wall Street Massacre, where hundreds of African Americans were displaced and massacred by extremist mobs....

Self - Poem
The Maajhi / The Fisherman

I have always been interested by Eco-criticism, the sub-domain of literature where the environment and literature intersect.I have been fascinated by narratives about the role of man in the deterioration of the world around him, and the following piece is a creative musing on how a malevolent and destructive force represented by the fisherman (the maajhi in Bengali) annihilates a community of anthropomorphic fishes with his song.