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Owner of Stag Valley Homestead, Creative writer, Published Illustrator.

United States

I have many titles but the ones I cherish most are my titles of Homesteader, Creative writer, illustrator and self sufficiency educator.

I take pride in creating content covering a wide range of topics. I enjoy writing in a way that provokes thought, the exchange of ideas and encourages discovery.

Come browse my portfolio and see what strikes your fancy!


How to Tell if Your Mom Doesn't Love You (10+ Signs)

Do you ever feel like your mom doesn't love you? Maybe she's not affectionate, gives mixed signals, or just has a general lack of interest in how things are going with your life? Here are some signs to look out for: I believe it's important to address the fact that improperly displayed love, a lack of love, and the absence of love are not the same thing.

Washington Post
How to deal with regret and forgive yourself for making imperfect decisions

During the past year, we have had to make consequential decisions, often based on insufficient information and amid unparalleled uncertainty. These conditions are ripe for generating one of the most common emotions that I see in my psychology practice: regret. Many of my patients struggle with the results of pandemic-related decisions.

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Simply Cheese: Easy cheese in easy steps.

Made from fresh curds, this fresh cheese variety is low fat, low moisture, firm yet light in flavor with a shelf life of a little over a week when stored in a tight container in your refrigerator. Needing only a few simple ingredients it's easy to make and even easier to use in a multitude...

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Did you know that historically in our nation's most stressful times the leaders of our nation asked something from each and every American household? Do you know what they so desperately needed from we the people? The answer is quite silly when you look at it. They wanted Americans to FEED THEMSELVES.

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Why you should add at least one good dog to your homestead.

"Harry" Original Photo by Niche Brislane Since first domestication in northern Eurasia between 14,000 and 29,000 ago the dog has become the most valuable tool and companion to many around the globe. From small dogs trained to decimate the moles and vermin of the hillsides to the massive dogs bred to fight lions man has...

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Raising Up Children.

Today we will touch some hard issues, some weighted opinions from yours truly as well as some insights and suggestions for how to shape the next generation of arrows. This is an OPINION article and only meant to be taken as such. Cancel culture, hypersensitive, under motivated, dependent, under skilled, no longer free thinking, technologically...

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The Baker's Dozen

Let's be honest when you want to indulge in something you don't want the simple set you want he bakers dozen. More is better! That's why we supersize our food, hoard toilet paper, buy bulk and still have to worry about what to make for dinner.

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It's All In Who You Know

Have you ever ran into someone and realized you know the same people? or went to the same coffee shop 100 miles away? how about the random encounters that end up making you the best friendships, life events or interactions that lead to lifelong memories. It's a small world isn't it?

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Are you only using half the egg?

Eggs! The smell of fluffy scrambled eggs, the ease of a nutritious hard boiled egg, the crowd pleasing deviled egg, a simple egg salad sandwich or the richness of a fluffy cake. You couldn't get any better an ingredient as the egg right? But what about the shell?