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I am a freelance journalist interested in feminism, art, politics and the way these areas intersect. Words in Dazed & Confused, VICE, i-D, etc.

liz johnson-artur's photos celebrate black communities, black aesthetics and black creativity |...

Liz Johnson-Artur is in Brixton's Windrush Square, surrounded by people are making the most of one of the last evenings of summer; eating, drinking, listening to music. Sometimes, they wander over to where we're sitting, in the far corner of the square, to take a closer look at one of her portraits, which will be projected onto the walls of the Black Cultural Archives every night for the next week.

Watching a London estate being dismantled brick by brick

Estate: A Reverie is a lyrical portrait of an old-fashioned red-brick estate in Hackney. It's an obsessive search for the truth of the place, compulsively documenting its history, its sounds, its colour, its people. We see the Haggerston from every possible angle, with an almost microscopic focus on every stairwell, window, and brick.

Polyester Magazine
Locked Out: What Happens to Women After Prison? - Polyester Magazine

"Everyone's so nice here. Everyone treats you like a human being, and not this strange alien who's committed a crime.... You need that after prison, to build yourself up after being told, 'You're bad, you're a terrible person, you're an outcast from society'. Because that's what you're told virtually every day in prison.

Instagram Art Is a Joke, and It's on You | VICE | United States

Image via amaliaulman on Instagram This article originally appeared on VICE UK. The Instagram account for "amaliaulman" catalogues the life of a beautiful but unremarkable young twentysomething. Her main interests appear to be yoga and shopping. She's on an Instaquest for self-improvement and her account is full of fitspo-­type gym wear selfies and hashtags like "#training," "#thankful," "#healthy."
OUSU to implement controversial Govt anti-terrorism plan

Website pageviews: 16363 Niamh McIntyre has published 21 articles OUSU's Board of Trustees has voted to comply with the Government's contentious PREVENT strategy Photograph: On 16th June, OUSU's Board of Trustees (composed of the sabbatical officers, four external trustees, and three student trustees) passed by consensus an action plan to comply with Section 26 of the government's Counter-Terrorism and Security Act.
Interview: Paris Lees

Website pageviews: 13167 Niamh McIntyre has published 21 articles Niamh McIntyre talks to Paris Lees about transgender activism and class identity Photograph: BBC News/ Getty Images I'm saying goodbye to Paris Lees after a long phone call. She replies, "Oh God, don't get me in trouble with all the other feminists!

The Independent
I helped shut down an abortion debate between two men because my

"Last year in Britain, over 185,000 abortions were carried out. What does this say about our national culture?" This is the opening of the description of an event widely circulated at Oxford University last week. It was a debate entitled "This House Believes Britain's Abortion Culture Hurts Us All", hosted by the pro-life group Oxford Students for Life.
Marine Le Pen Protest: Live Blog

Website pageviews: 8204 Cherwell News has published 16 articles Cherwell brings you its coverage of the protests against Marine Le Pen 21:10 Marine Le Pen has left the building 21:02 As students are moved down Cornmarket, there appears to be some sort of confrontation between activists and police 20:56 Some speculation regarding the departure of Le Pen 20:47 Human blockade of police.

Feminism is Not Your Marketing Ploy, And We Don't Need What You're Selling

Feminism is Not Your Marketing Ploy, And We Don't Need What You're Selling We are constantly told that our generation is the most engaged in feminist issues than any other in history. The F-Word, reinvented for the 21st century, is constantly on the lips of our pop stars, and our actors make speeches to the UN on gender equality.