Niamh Canning

Copywriter/ Content Writer

United Kingdom

English teacher turned copywriter. I'm passionate about grammar, words and the power of language. I've always had a natural flair for writing so I enjoy experimenting with copy. I have the ability to match tone and brand voice easily. Finally, I can easily take complicated research and turn it into simple language.

CMP certified.

Personal Project
Glamour Advertising Feature

For this project, my college tasked me with writing a feature in the style of Glamour Magazine.

Personal Project
Coombe Abbey - Social Media Marketing

As part of a college assignment, I was given this link: Using the information that I found, I had to make a post for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Personal Project
Brooktech Email Marketing

This is an email from a hypothetical brief I was given during a copywriting course. I needed to pretend that Brooktech had given me a brief to advertise an eco summit.

Personal Project
Burt's Bees - Direct Mail

This is a hypothetical piece of direct mail that I created based on a Burt's Bees product.

Personal Project
Chupa Chups Ad

This is a hypothetical ad that I made for Chupa Chups Best of Tube.

Personal Project
Charity Ad

For this project, I had to choose a charity that I support and write a hypothetical ad for them.