Narzra Ahmed


United Kingdom

Studied MA Magazine Journalism at City, University of London.
Interested in film, music and entertainment. I have written for NME, Time Out London, VICE, Cosmopolitan, Red, Women's Health and more. I have also written news pieces for Leicester Mercury, which became 'Top Stories' on their website.
My career (and personal) highlights include interviewing some of my favourite bands.

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Madison Beer Shows 'Em How It's Done | Features | Clash Magazine Music News, Reviews & Interviews

There have been times in Madison Beer's career - which began in 2012 - where she has not felt fully heard by those she was working with in the music industry and, as a result of working to implement changes (which include being credited for her contributions to music videos , for example), she is now in her element and is calling all the shots.

'I tried 5 hacks to help me save more money'

I've never been good at saving money. At university, I jumped at the chance to increase my overdraft limit, allowing me to spend more on textbooks (essential) and takeaways (everybody needs to eat). But paying back a £2,000 overdraft? Not so fun. As much as I've tried to save, my impulsive spending habits have made that a struggle.

Fandom facts: an expert tells us why we're obsessed with the dark and gruesome

Whether you enjoy listening to podcasts before bed or during leg day at the gym, many of us are gripped by true crime and the supernatural, from the re-investigation of cold cases to the tales of alleged poltergeist hauntings. The compelling cliffhangers of these podcasts mean we don't have to think twice about repeatedly hitting 'next episode'.

'Solitary' review: claustrophobic sci-fi thriller sends prisoners into space

S olitary is a sci-fi movie with a limited cast and an even more limited setting. It's a contained film - similar to 2013's Locke and recent Prime Video thriller - which means it takes place entirely in one location. Sadly, that concept doesn't work quite as well here as it did for its predecessors.

Clash Magazine Music News, Reviews & Interviews
Head In The Clouds: Clash Meets The Beths | Clash Magazine Music News, Reviews & Interviews

Their melodies have been compared to those of The Beatles and Phoebe Bridgers has described their music as bringing her "unbridled joy" . Just a day after arriving back in New Zealand after touring the US, vocalist Liz Stokes fights her jet lag as she speaks to Clash about trying to finish an album while in lockdown in New Zealand, "overthinking" when it comes to songwriting (and life!)

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Bastille On Creating Their Own Dystopian Reality

Bastille's humble beginnings meant they were making music on their laptops, in their bedrooms, when they formed. Over a decade later, the London four-piece have had enormous success with tracks like 'Pompeii' and 'Happier' - their collaboration with Marshmello. Despite their chart successes, Bastille refuse to play it 'safe'.

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Heartbreak Kid: Tom Grennan Interviewed

Tom Grennan's 2018 full length debut 'Lighting Matches' captured the hearts of many, but when his own heart was broken, the songwriter found solace in creating sophomore album 'Evering Road'. Named for the Hackney road he lived on with his ex-girlfriend, 'Evering Road' looks back at his less than perfect behaviour as a boyfriend and his journey through the split.

Clash Magazine Music News, Reviews & Interviews
Live Report: Bastille - Porchester Hall, London (MTV UnPlugged) | Clash Magazine Music News,...

MTV UnPlugged sessions are iconic. You don't need us to tell you that. Last month, Bastille took to London's Porchester Hall to record an intimate one-off show for MTV UnPlugged. With the help of their touring member and frequent collaborator, Charlie Barnes. Bastille put together songs that surprised, as well as immensely pleased, their fans.

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Live Report: All Points East 2021 - Kano, Jamie xx

Day Two of the All Points East festival was, simply put, a celebration. There was an incredible line-up, the sun was out (for the most part) and people were there to have a good time. Artists were there to have a good, especially when they'd missed live performances immensely.

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Live Report: Nick Cave, Warren Ellis - De Montfort Hall, Leicester

Rapturous applause greeted Nick Cave and Warren Ellis as they walked onto the stage and it was not unwarranted. For the next couple of hours or so, both musicians gave impeccable performances. Playing songs from the 2019 Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds album as well as their more recent (lockdown) offering as a duo, , the raw emotion conveyed by songs such as 'Ghosteen' was tangible.

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Next Wave #1050: Cathy Jain

Cathy Jain describes her sound as "a blend of alt-pop with hints of jazz and psychedelia". Ellie Rowsell (Wolf Alice) is a fan and rightfully so. Her musical influences range from Phoebe Bridgers to Joji. She is also fascinated by Frank Ocean from a music production perspective.

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Gong Baths And Pyjamas: CHILDCARE Interviewed

'Busy Busy People' is the second album from CHILDCARE, following their 2019 debut 'Wabi Sabi'. Whereas 'Wabi Sabi' was deeply focused on wellbeing and introspection, 'Busy Busy People' is its infectious and dizzingly energetic counterpart - as the title suggests. (CHILDCARE are Ian Cares, Rich LeGate, Emma Topolski and David Dyson).

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The Wombats On New Album 'Fix Yourself, Not The World'

Whether they would admit this or not, The Wombats are somewhat indie legends with bangers going back decades now. Well onto their fifth album 'Fix Yourself, Not the World' and with no plans of stopping, they have an innate sense of what fans want. And how to get them jumping on the dancefloor.

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"It's Whatever You Want It To Be!" Clash Meets The Vaccines

The Vaccines have been celebrating their fifth UK Top 5 album with 'Back in Love City' and frontman Justin Young is on tour in Exeter with bandmates Freddie Cowan, Timothy Lanham, Árni Árnason and Yoann Intonti when we speak to him (over the phone).

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"Be As Honest And As Real As Possible!" Easy Life Interviewed

We meet Easy Life's frontman Murray Matravers in his hometown of Leicester. In the very snazzy recording studio, complete with a neon pink sign, which says 'Easy Life' (with the lights in the 's' not quite working), Matravers knocks over a mic stand as he moves past it.

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Next Wave #1005: Yard Act

Yard Act are a Leeds-based rock band who have found increasing success after releasing no more than three singles, however they insist their success isn't new at all and that being liked isn't what drives them. We spoke to Yard Act's frontman James Smith (via Zoom) about their latest single 'Dark Days' and their plans to a play socially distanced show next month.

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Next Wave #965: The Mysterines

Genre-bending band The Mysterines are Lia Metcalfe (vocals/guitar) and George Favager (bass). A classic rock-leaning sound with a fearless, punk-ish energy, they've toured with Miles Kane, Royal Blood and, most recently, The Amazons. "That was boss. It was a big learning curve, that tour," Lia says about touring with The Amazons.

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Next Wave #983: T Truman

One fifth of The Vaccines, keyboardist Timothy Lanham has spent the past couple of years quietly working away on his solo project T Truman, a unique blend of retro pop and modern indie. We spoke to the star in the making over Zoom about his new project and even newer EP 'Born To Be Right'.

Dave's Chart-Topping Success Opens a New Chapter for His Fans

Dave and his 'number 1' gong (Photo © He did it. Dave's debut album Psychodrama (named after a form of psychotherapy where patients role-play past experiences from their lives to help make sense of them) reached number 1 in the UK album charts on Friday, beating Foals and Dido.

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Sam Fender - Hypersonic Missiles

Sam Fender is a natural storyteller. It's as simple as that. He uses his observational lyrics to tell the stories in his songs. Fender has had a meteoric rise to success, from beating Lewis Capaldi and Mahalia to win this year's Critics' Choice at the BRIT Awards to supporting his hero Bob Dylan in London's Hyde Park.

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Next Wave #964: Walt Disco

Walt Disco are a Glaswegian six piece that are hard to ignore.They're flamboyant. They're outspoken. They're breaking barriers with their andrygynous style and their distinctive sound. The original members met at a house party during Freshers' Week and have since supported everyone from Sports Team to Interpol.

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Good Bad Times: Lockdown Life With Hinds

Spanish garage rock four-piece Hinds released their new album 'The Prettiest Curse' a little under a week ago, a rebellious statement against sexism in the music industry, and their patriarchal naysayers. Indeed, it feels like a new era for the group.

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Lucid Dreaming: Raveena's Soulful Meditations

Spirituality is the driving force behind New York-based artist Raveena's music. Her debut album - released last May - is titled 'Lucid' and tracks such as 'Hypnosis' and 'Nectar' taken from the album are positively dreamy, and feature her mesmerising, hazy vocals.