Nadeen Shaker


United States of America

Nadeen Shaker is a journalist covering global human rights. A native of Cairo, Egypt, Nadeen pursued her M.A. in both the Journalism and Middle East studies programs at New York University. She is a Deadline Club scholarship award recipient and a fellow of the NYU Gallatin Human Rights Fellowship. She produces journalism on human rights issues and contemporary Middle East stories. Nadeen received her B.A. from the American University in Cairo in 2012. 

Her work has appeared in Vice News, Quartz, CNN, Muftah, Salon, Bedford & Bowery, The Postcolonialist, AlterNet, PRI's America Abroad, WNYU,  Ahram Online, Al Akhbar and others.



The Advocate

Melech Meir aka Distinguish takes his slams about criminal justice all over New York, carrying with him a personal heaviness that makes his poetry loud and fun! Song Credits: "Savage" Written by Henry "Distinguish The God" Gray. Engineered, Mastered and Mixed by Durrel Flowers "D-Flow Productions" "Black is a Crime" Written by Henry "Distinguish The God" Gray.

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