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The Classic

A person coming home late from a New Year's Eve Party stops by a McDonald's. A person staying home for New Year's Eve goes to McDonald's for a late night snack. It was 3am on New Year's Day, and Mia was starving.

Results of the 2016 Mother's Milk Books Writing Prize

I am very happy indeed to be able to share the results of our 2016 Writing Prize. A huge thank you to all those who entered and made this competition a real pleasure to oversee. And many thanks too, to the judges Becky Cherriman and Rebecca Ann Smith for their hard work in reading, sorting and making final decisions.Please note: keen-eyed readers w...


Manchester, England Travel Guide: From The Pankhurst Centre To V Revolution Diner

World-renowned for its music (the Smiths, Joy Division, and Oasis all hail from "Manny"), sport (we're football, aka soccer, obsessed), and radical (including feminist) politics, Manchester's also got a reputation for rain (approximately 140 days per year). But there's no raining on this British city's parade: Manchester is busy and eclectic, with skyscrapers towering over what remains of its industrial heritage.

Peaceful Dumpling
Lift Your Spirits With These Science-Backed (& Delicious) Mood-Boosting Foods

Just about anyone who has ever experienced depression-or even just a slump in your mood for a few days-could tell you about the relationship between food and mood. You feel miserable; so instead of cooking you eat either junk food or nothing at all; and then you feel even worse.

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Their "cute" ad is the tip of the iceberg-this is how the DWP damages real relationships

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LabourList | Labour's biggest independent grassroots e-network
Manchester's Riotous History | LabourList

By Grace Fletcher-Hackwood / @msgracefh Tuesday's outbreak of looting was a violent and unwelcome interruption to the busy calendar that is August in Manchester. At this time of year every date in the diary seems to denote a festival or a date to be commemorated.

The Huffington Post UK
Rape 101

Julian Assange is accused of rape. I thought this whole 'it was only sex without a condom!' thing was cleared up by now, but I've still been seeing tweets to that effect over the weekend.


Gregory Pennington
Frugal Festive Favourites

Visiting friends and family, cosying up at home and filling up on comfort food - there's a lot to enjoy about the winter months. But there's no denying that it can get pretty expensive. We've put together a few tips to help make this time of year more affordable.

6 Signs You Need To Replace Your Toothbrush

As any Whitby dentist will tell you, replacing your toothbrush regularly is important. It's really a matter of efficacy rather than of health. Although there are a lot of germs that live on your toothbrush, they will not cause you any harm as long as you use scientifically formulated toothpastes (which kill germs), and allow your toothbrush to dry out fully after you use it.


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7 Nights Of Dinners To Get You Through Your Period

Cramps, bloating, energy slumps: periods are hell and we hate them. But what you eat can help. You can prep all or part of these dinners ahead (y'know, in one of those wonderful non-period weeks when you actually have the energy for stuff like cooking, and standing up).

The Fitness Insider
63 Reasons to Exercise - Work Out to Change Your Life - The Fitness Insider

Wondering if you should work out? Here's a list of 63 reasons to exercise. Physical activity reduces your risk of illness, allows you meet new people, lets you disconnect, helps you manage anxiety and depression, improves your endurance, and prevents cancer. To learn more, keep reading!

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