Myles S. Allan

English Undergraduate

United States

Myles is a current English student and writing advisor at the University of New Haven, studying creative and narrative development in video games. He has several years of experience in writing short stories, full-length narratives, and media analysis.


Editorial Work

Study Breaks
Is the MCU Getting Too Big?

Illustration by Laura Chan-Sing, Ryerson University As Marvel tries to keep its current fanbase, it leaves new fans behind. It all started in 2008 with the first " Iron Man" film. Comic book movies, previously considered immature cash-grabs that no one in Hollywood took seriously, were suddenly well-rounded dramas that anyone could enjoy.

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The Rise of Sexism in Indie Podcasts

Photo by ConvertKit on Unsplash Podcasts can be a fun, new way to express yourself online, but there are some who are taking it to the extreme. In the past decade, independent online content flourished on YouTube, collecting the peak of human creativity and organizing it on one platform.

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5 Meta Video Games To Make Your Brain Hurt

Illustration by Laura Chan-Sing, Ryerson University Take a stab at playing a meta video game, or let the meta video game play you. Most video games have no trouble separating you from the gameplay, keeping you comfortably safe on the other end of the controller. In meta video games, though, the screen goes both ways.

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'Our Flag Means Death' Finally Gives LGBTQ Community What It Deserves

Image via Instagram/@ourflagmeansdeathfans There seems to be a poor standard of queer representation in media, but this historical comedy is about to change that. In the wake of the ending to " Game of Thrones" and mid-season breaks from " Euphoria ," HBO Max is waiting around for the next big television series to grow its cult-like following.

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Do Movies Need To Be Three Hours Long?

Image via Google Images Some movie-lovers would die for a three-hour-long film any day, but others can't stand it. Where should the line be drawn? It's an understood rule in storytelling that if a reader needs to check the back of the book to count how many pages they have left, the author is doing something wrong.

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Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Might Be Your New Favorite Video Game

Illustration by Laura Chan-Sing, Ryerson University The game's newest DLC is one of the biggest events to hit the popular MMO series to date. Since the release of Destiny in 2014 by Bungie Studios, this popular Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) series has been redefining the genre of cosmic sci-fi adventure games.

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Console Buyouts and the Implications for Esports

Microsoft shocks the gaming community with a $68.7 billion purchase of Activision Blizzard, but is this good news for esports? Esports has always had an odd place in between the sports and gaming worlds, not quite belonging in either category.

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Apex Legends Is Ahead of the Game in Terms of Representation

Illustration by Destiny Hall-Harper, The University of the Arts The popular video game makes it a point to represent everyone in its audience, no matter their race, gender or sexuality. When you think of the demographic that typically enjoys playing video games, the same string of adjectives probably pops into your head: young, white, male and heterosexual.
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