Michael Hochman

Content Writer, Marketing Manager, and Media Professional

Experienced Creative Content Writer, Marketing Manager, and Media Professional,
specializing in Advertising & Promotions, Email & Event Marketing, Web Copy, Broadcasting, and Design.

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Talented, creative, and efficient content specialist with experience in a variety of fields in a bevy of industries,
drawing from years of full-time, agency, and freelance marketing for commercial business, broadcasting, and web environs.

I am an idea guy, always on the creative forefront, uniquely and innovatively, seeking an opportunity to join a progressive organization
and utilize my unique writing and marketing skills and experience to take a creative team the next level.


Weekly Published Column Samples

The Laid-Off Life: Year One
Recently, I surpassed my anniversary of one year since my layoff. No party, no fireworks, but plenty of self-reflection and introspection. But I did mark the date by watching...
The Laid-Off Life: Job Interview with the Vampire
I totally, utterly, and completely bombed a job interview once. I talked too much; I know this because the interviewer told me so. He said I didn’t have the direct experience...
The Laid-Off Life: Being The Change You Wish To See
In this most-trying of economic and employment times, we are trained to believe – no, we inherently believe – that the simple fact of having a job when others don’t should make...
The Laid-Off Life: The Impression That I Get
A lot of lip service - in the job hunt, in dating, in sales, in life - is paid to first impressions. You know, they say you never get a second chance to make a first impression...
The Laid-Off Life: Second First Impressions
I have a second interview this week for a job I have a feeling I’m really close to. Second interviews are a fluid thing that can be strikingly different than your initial...
The Laid-Off Life: My Baby She Wrote Me a Cover Letter
From @tweetajob (tweetajob.com): "The Laid-Off Life: My Baby She Wrote Me a Cover Letter" <-- best article on cover letters i have read!

Email Marketing Campaign Samples

Feith Virtual Education Series Marketing Campaign Emails
Records Management University is a unique and wildly popular series of educational webinars dedicated to serving Records Management professionals of all levels, now it its third...
Feith Live Seminar Series Marketing Campaign Emails
Since its inception in 2008, DC LIVE! has grown to become the top DC destination for targeted education, technology advancements, and critical industry networking in BPM, RIM,...
Feith Customer Event Marketing Campaign Emails
FACT is your one and only place to get training, presentations, and theory on specific Feith applications and solutions, demonstrations of the newest advances in the software...
Feith Standalone Webinars Marketing Campaign Emails
You already know there's so much riding on your Pharmacovigilance process... not just protecting the investments your organization has made in your product, but more...
Feith Customer Engagement Campaign Email
As more and more records such as email need managing, manual categorizing for Records Management isn't just slow, it's pretty close to impossible. In the 21st century, RMA not...

Copywriting and Article Writing Samples

Rent.com and ApartmentGuide Published Article Samples
A selection of articles written and created for rent.com and ApartmentGuide.com, published in 2017 and 2018.
7 Best Places to Drink Coffee in Bogotá, Colombia
Contributed official Coffee & Café briefs to published article in Food & Wine Magazine, as designated under "If you’re heading to Bogotá and want to taste the best in Colombian...
The Magic of Barbecue Turkey Bacon (The Bacon Critic)
Like Oprah and her bread, I love bacon. It’s nature’s perfect food; entrée, side, or topping. Every meat-eating mammal agrees (well, maybe not those of the porcine persuasion)....
Long-Form Album Review: Arkells: 'Morning Report'
With the release of Morning Report, Ontario’s Arkells are showing the strongest signs of not only taking the reins of the Tragically Hip’s high horse, but doing something The...
Get Out of the Suburbs: The Fillmore Philadelphia
If you haven’t noticed, suburban friends, Philly is going through quite a revolution. Publications from New York to Katmandu have taken notice. We’re a World Heritage City....
Who’s Embarrassing Philly This Week: Ed Rendell
Listen Gov, we get it. You agree with Trump way more than whoever the Democrat version of Reince Priebus is cares to admit. Trump loves to call people losers; you love to call...
Who’s Embarrassing Philly This Week: Bill Cosby
Bill was our guy. Our Philly guy. Our Brand Ambassador. The Temple guy. The Fat Albert guy. All those sweatshirts. The world knew Bill Cosby, the comedian, was from Philly and...
Who’s Embarrassing Philly This Week: Crossing Broad Commenters
Much has been written about Kyle Scott, founder, editor, and fire-stoker-in-chief of Crossing Broad and his blog. He isn’t afraid to be everything that the traditional media’s...
The MPH 50: Reviewing The Best Indie Songs of 2017
Although published only annually, we spend most of the year thinking about what will make the list. Every new song we hear – on the radio, sent to us by a friend, live from some...

Advertising and Marketing Content Samples

Feith Systems Sales Brochures
Samples of multiple Feith Systems sales and marketing brochures.
Records Management University: Online CRM Credit Course
Welcome to Records Management University, a series of online courses dedicated to serving Records Management professionals, now in its fourth semester. Why should you register?...
[VIDEO] Webinar: Records Management University (Semester 3, Class #5)
DC LIVE! Federal Symposium Business Process and Records Management Conference
Since its inception in 2008, The DC LIVE! Federal Symposium has grown to become the top DC destination for targeted education, technology advancements, and critical industry...
Broadcast Scripts from Audiomax Advertising
Broadcast Script samples from Audiomax Advertising Agency Music & Messaging On-Hold
Good Neighbor Pharmacy Cooperative Television Spots
Television ad spot concept campaign for Good Neighbor Pharmacy Cooperative work for Timmons&Company Advertising.

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