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Michigan Football: Stay Mad If That's What You Want

As soon as Jim Harbaugh sat down for his post game press conference following Michigan football 's loss to Ohio State, we all knew they were coming. The takes, that is. So many takes. Coach Harbaugh let his frustrations loose about a game in which Ohio State-a team that averages 56 yards a game in penalties-was penalized twice for six yards.

Penn State Shouldn't Play Football or Honor Joe Paterno

I am a Michigan football fan. I don't like Ohio State or Michigan State or Notre Dame. I also don't have any reason to object to the existence of their programs, unfortunately enough. That's not the case for Michigan's opponent this weekend.

The Trouble With The Place Beyond The Pines

Warning: spoilers ahead. All things told, this film is worth 140 minutes of your life, so see it before you read this, or read ahead if you don't really care about spoilers (spoiling some plot twists won't damage the enjoyability of this particular film).

Michigan Football Celebrates On Twitter After Beating MSU

There's a frustrating expectation, especially in football, that once you win a game, you move on to focusing on the next one as quickly as possible. Maybe it's because a subsection of fans/coaches/players (foolishly, ridiculously) understand the game as war, where savoring a victory just a bit too long could actually get you killed.

Michigan Football Should Not Join Baylor In Satellite Camps

There are a huge number of outlets you can use to read about the (semi) specifics of the scandal currently unfolding at Baylor, the likes of which have only been seen once in the history of college football, so I'll let you do that research for yourself.

Chad Carr, May You Rest in Peace

Cancer sucks. There's no two ways about it. That may seem like an obvious statement, but it bears repeating when we lose someone to it, and we lose a lot of people to cancer every day. Chad Carr passed away this week after a bout with a brain tumor at the tragically young age of 5.