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Michelle is a writer and editor whose previous work and school experience have given her skills that apply to the field of communication. These include strong written and verbal communication skills, concrete organization skills, and the ability to work successfully as part of a team. She has the ability to work and problem solve under pressure, including creating and editing copy to meet deadlines. Both her undergraduate degree and her diploma have strengthened her ability to write for different audiences, including adjusting language levels and synthesizing complex information using plain language.

When her nose isn't in a book, Michelle can be found on her yoga mat, hiking, or exploring one of Ottawa's museums.

From maternity leave to combat - mother in Canadian Army learns resilience

By Michelle Savage, Army Public Affairs Gagetown, New Brunswick - Sergeant Marie-Eve Martin successfully balances her role as a Gunner in the Canadian Army with the role of motherhood, although not without occasional heart-ache. Deployment can be difficult for any member of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF); however, parents have the particularly difficult challenge of sometimes missing their children's milestones.

Joined at 40, Supply Technician likes mix of stability and excitement

By Michelle Savage, Army Public Affairs Ottawa, Ontario - Got all your gear, fuel and rations? Thank your Supply Technician. This Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) trade is diverse, allowing its technicians to experience a variety of different jobs throughout their career. No two Supply Technicians will have the same experience, according to Sergeant Cheryl Crispin.

Supply Technicians like Corporal Kory Fraser have pride and purpose

By Michelle Savage, Army Public Affairs Edmonton, Alberta - Always "magically getting things," Supply Technicians are the logistical wizards of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). Supply Technician Corporal Kory Fraser says that many in his field become so familiar with the trade that they can procure things with uncanny speed.

The Unusual Interests of a Canadian Prime Minister

William Lyon Mackenzie King was Canada's prime minister for a total of twenty-two years. While he expertly guided Canada through difficult times, like the Great Depression and the Second World War, his reputation was that of a self-controlled leader who lacked the outspoken and passionate characteristics of some of his global counterparts.

Loss and Locks: The Dark Side of the Rideau Canal

The Rideau Canal: the perfect place to have a picnic, take an evening stroll, or see a ghost. When most people think of the world-famous waterway, they conjure up images of Beavertails and ice skates or the leaf-strewn bike paths along the sparkling water.

Otherworldly Advice: Seeking Answers through Psychics and Mediums

I can guarantee you that you can find at least one psychic or medium in any Canadian city. Ottawa is no exception. It makes sense. Humans are constantly wondering (and obsessing) about the future. We want validation that we are on the right path.

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