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My name is Mia Johnson and I am a freelance writer with a ten-year-long career in journalism. Writing is my passion and my calling and for that reason, I strive to create content that will be of the highest value possible for my readers. Currently, I reside in Australia with 3 playful dogs. My hobbies include hiking, gardening, and meeting amazing new souls to spend time with.

Organic Facts
How to Make Vegan Protein Pancakes | Organic Facts

Treat your taste buds with this super-simple, healthy and delicious breakfast alternative! For the jam To make vegan protein pancakes, take the chia seeds and mix them with 6 tbsp of water. Let them soak. Mash the mixed berries in a pan. Put them on low-medium heat until they become syrupy and bubbly.

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Does gift buying stress you out? Here are 6 tips to help you find the perfect gift

It has been scientifically proven that giving presents to others can often be more therapeutic for us and makes us happier than buying things for ourselves. There is simply something about seeing a person smile when we give them a present and about watching them being delighted and amazed when they discover they simply love our gift.

How to Properly Maintain Your Roof in Order to Prevent Leaks - WanderGlobe

The roof may not be the foundation of the house, but it's a glue that keeps it all together. That is why if there is even the smallest damage to the roofing your structural integrity may be in danger. Moreover, roof repairs are expensive and are quite a hit to the budget if they're unplanned for.

7 Beauty Decisions That Might Backfire In The Future

There is a certain price we pay for looking beautiful. And it's not the price in dollars we're talking about - it's the price we pay with our health if we're not careful enough. Here are 7 beauty decisions that you can make that could easily backfire on you in the future when it comes to your looks and health.

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Improving Lung Capacity

If you are a regular runner, your lung capacity is one of the most important things you should work on. Improving it will mean you are ready for the next level - if you increase your breathing efficiency, you'll be able to run longer and faster.

RedHeaded Patti
Planting A Kids Vegetable Garden´╗┐ - RedHeaded Patti

Our little ones are curious by nature, and it is wonderful to watch them learn something new and challenging. Youngsters absolutely adore playing outside, digging in the dirt and getting dirty. Gardening represents a fantastic way to teach your children so much; how to plant, maintain, take care of and nurture plants and vegetables.

Most Common Beauty Self Esteem Issues Women Face

Today's society mostly revolves around beauty. There are set standards, and every woman wants to meet them. Though, few of us actually look like the models we see on TVs and magazines. Since they grow up looking at those models, most women start thinking that they aren't good enough.

Haute People
How Body Image Affects Our Self-Esteem And Mental Health

We tend to evaluate ourselves in comparison to others. And the problem is that most of the time, the image we have about others isn't a realistic one. Meaning we will have difficulties in forming a positive image of our bodies. And what is it exactly that makes us feel bad about the way we look?