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Digital Content Creator Covering Social Issues, Gaming, and Pop Culture

Staff Writer at FemHype and Unwinnable, Editor at Haywire Magazine, Contributor for ZAM, Critical Distance, and Remeshed, and aspiring media whiz. 3+ years experience in digital strategy, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest--the whole shebang), public relations, feminist advocacy, and communications.

United States of America



What Yarny Teaches Us About Social Media

Ah, yes, good old Yarny. You either love him or hate him. Regardless of whether you want him to burn in hell or give you a big woolly hug, the official Unravel Twitter can give...


Aviary Attorney, Phoenix-Wright-With-Birds, is actually a history lesson about real 19th-C France

I never thought I'd use the phrases "talking animals" and "historically accurate" in the same sentence, yet here I am: Aviary Attorney is the most historically accurate video...

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February 14th | Critical Distance

Hark! Is that Cupid in the distance, arrow at the ready to spread love to the Critical Distance readership? Nah, sorry. It's just me again, dishing out a special Valentine's Day...


Fans Are Reimagining Quiet From 'Metal Gear Solid V'

I had the pleasure of finally getting into the Metal Gear series this year. On a whim one day, I popped a friend's copy of the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection into my Xbox. Metal...


A Toast to Reconciliation

Sponsored It's common to want to settle your differences with someone you don't see eye to eye with. The negative energy ruminating in your brain just isn't worth it for every...


A Heteronormative Beginning: My Issue With 'Fallout 4'

Remember when Fallout 4 was finally officially announced and the internet collectively shouted with glee? In June 2015, Bethesda finally told fans that yes, Fallout 4 was indeed...

The Center for Community Growth -- Indiana County, PA

Urban Roots

On May 30th, Indiana residents came to the Indiana Theater to see our screening of Urban Roots, a documentary on permaculture and community gardens in Detroit. Many of Detroit's...


Justice for Everybird: A Cross-Examination of 'Aviary Attorney'

The stakes are high. A count has been murdered in cold blood, and you're defending his business partner's daughter in court. Things aren't looking too good on your end,...