Melanie Duronio

Multimedia Journalist

United States

Reporter with WestfordCAT. Features Editor for the Mount Holyoke News.

Mount Holyoke College '26 (English/Journalism)



Westford runs in memory of Emily Sotelo

The nonprofit Strides for Sotelo held its first 5k memorial run in honor of Emily Sotelo, a member of Westford Academy's Class of 2021.

Mount Holyoke News

Mount Holyoke News
Odyssey Bookshop hosts Pulitzer Prize-winning author Tracy Kidder

Author Tracy Kidder visited the Odyssey Bookshop to speak on his latest book "Rough Sleepers: Dr. Jim O'Connell's Urgent Mission to Bring Healing to Homeless People." The novel details Dr. O'Connell's life's work: creating a healthcare program for the homeless community in Boston, Massachusetts.

Mount Holyoke News
Frances Perkins Scholars share their journeys to Mount Holyoke

Students and faculty members alike gathered within Gamble Auditorium for the Frances Perkins Monologues. In honor of the Frances Perkins students' class color, purple streamers and balloons were placed on either side of the podium, and many FP speakers wore purple outfits to show off their class pride.

Mount Holyoke News
Glascock contestant Thomas Bosworth discusses nature and poetry

Thomas Bosworth, a senior at Dartmouth College, always knew that he wanted to be a writer. He never expected to become a poet, but after taking a creative writing class he "was bitten by the [poetry] bug and couldn't stop" discovering new passions and interests through his craft.

Mount Holyoke News
Author Sami Schalk speaks at 'Black Disability Politics' event

Schalk began her presentation with the cover of the May 7, 1977, edition The Black Panther newspaper. It read, “handicapped win demands — end HEW occupation.” Schalk explained that cover stories, like this one, showed the Party believed this sit-in to be a critically important issue connected to their work.

Mount Holyoke News
Social Justice Doula Lutze Segu encourages students' politics to transform them at virtual event...

Throughout her life, Coretta Scott King wholeheartedly devoted herself to her politics. As an activist, King supported many social issues including the civil rights, feminist, and queer rights movements. Understanding the interconnected nature of oppression, she believed that it was important to support and work alongside all minority groups in order to reach equality. She continued to choose self-love and kindness while fighting fiercely for an equal world for all.

Mount Holyoke News
FMT performs ‘Short Eyes,’ invites conversation regarding incarceration system

“Short Eyes” by Miguel Piñero, which premiered in 1974, follows a group of inmates in a house of detention who turn against a prisoner accused of child molestation. Based on Piñero’s own experiences, the play unabashedly depicts the lives of those living in the American incarceration system. It explores themes of morality and justice, and what it means to find humanity within a dehumanizing institution.

Mount Holyoke News
Student group Gender + hopes to create safe space for trans students

Although there are several resources and spaces available on campus for transgender, nonbinary, and gender-nonconforming students, none have previously been led by the students themselves. Gender +, an organization reinstated this year, aims to change this by creating a safe space for trans students.

Westford Academy Ghostwriter

WA Ghostwriter
WA introduces a variety of PE courses for students

Starting next school year, new physical education courses will be offered to WA students. These include Basics of Kinesiology, Kinesiology of Team Games, Health Education, Empowerment and Goal Setting, and many more. Like other courses, grades 10-12 will have their choice of any P.E. class and backup.

WA Ghostwriter
School Committee Meeting discusses scheduling and distance learning implementations

When Governor Baker announced an extension for all schools in Massachusetts until May 4, showing the continuing effects of the COVID-19 among Westford and its citizens, the Westford School Committee initiated a virtual School Committee meeting on March 30 to continue the conversation surrounding scheduling and future learning plans for the Westford Public Schools.

WA Ghostwriter
Coronavirus affects the lives of Westford citizens with family in China

The coronavirus has become a concern not only for Chinese citizens but for people with family and friends living there. This rings true for a significant amount of Westford residents with family members living in cities close to where the virus is circulating.

WA Ghostwriter
Students start fundraiser to help India become "Covid Safe"

After living within a pandemic for over a year, there seems to finally be light at the end of the tunnel. For most Americans, there is a sense of relief as our everyday lives seem to return to normal. But in other countries, this is not the case.

WA Ghostwriter
New schedule promotes normalcy at risk of student health

Picture this: you are a student in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. Although your life is anything but normal, you still have an obligation to go to school and complete your work from behind a screen or face mask. Now, you are expected to adjust back to a full-day schedule, for the first time in months.

WA Ghostwriter
Westford residents voice their reasons for keeping Olsen

A School Committee Meeting was held at to discuss the concerns surrounding Bill Olsen's contract renewal. Multiple Westford residents, parents, students, and teachers came forward to criticize the board's decision and voice their reasons for why they want Olsen to remain as Superintendent.

WA Ghostwriter
Town Clerk awaits Eckroth's letter of resignation

During the Westford School Committee meeting on Monday, February 10, emotions ran high as town residents challenged the Committee's decision to not renew Superintendent Bill Olsen's contract. One such Committee member was Megan Eckroth, who in the midst of the attendees' protests abruptly stood up, announced her resignation, and exited the room.

WA Ghostwriter
23 Questions with new superintendent Dr. Chew

This is one of many in the Ghostwriter's series of 23 Questions. This series highlights the significance of our faculty and students, and the little things about them we may not know. The Ghostwriter had a chance to meet with Westford's new Superintendent, Dr. Christopher Chew.

WA Ghostwriter
Netflix's "Sex Education" returns for an anti-climactic third season

There has been a noticeable, but not unwelcome, shift regarding social topics like race, sexuality, and gender. We are striving towards an era of tolerance and acceptance, and our media has begun to reflect this change in mindset. Netflix's Sex Education is a teen comedy that tackles topics like these with thoughtfulness, dignity, and British wittiness.

WA Ghostwriter
Marvel's "WandaVision" has potential, but lacks in action

When picturing a Marvel superhero, most would imagine their favorite characters partaking in fast-paced action scenes, consisting of epic battles where the heroes always defeat the villains and save the day—not trapped in a sitcom making corny jokes.

WA Ghostwriter
International teachers bring fresh perspectives to WA

"Knowledge is power", a phrase often recited but taken for granted. Education varies all over the world in terms of educators, resources, and schooling. One way students can gain wider perspectives of the world is by meeting people from various backgrounds and cultures.

WA Ghostwriter
Ella Krikorian pursues career in nursing with lessons from the pool

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, working in the medical field has taken on a new light. Inspired by a long line of nurses in her family, senior Ella Krikorian chose to follow in their footsteps, aided by the skills she's acquired during her years swimming.