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DNP: the dangerous diet pill pharmacists should know about

As concerns over deaths related to the diet pill 2,4-dinitrophenol (DNP) increase, healthcare professionals — including pharmacists — are being called on to play their part in raising awareness and preventing DNP-related harm.

How chlorinated chicken ate Brexit

Feathers, feet and internal organs are taken out. The chicken is hung upside down, its legs in metal clamps, before it is jolted forward along an automated production line toward a towering aluminium spraying unit.

the Guardian
'It reduces surgical error': can VR train better doctors?

George is seriously ill. Sat on the hospital bed facing his doctor, he begins to grow pale and clammy. His breathing becomes laboured and his heart rate slows. Time is running out. The doctor must diagnose George or his condition could deteriorate fast. In the worst case scenario he could die.

Meet the DNA detectives fighting to stop the next Horsegate

Seven years on from the horse meat scandal, the number of food fraud cases keep going up. But now a phalanx of food inspectors armed with next-generation DNA tests hope they can fight back against doctored fish, herbs and health foods

The Grocer
The evolution of Ella

From popular blogger to deli owner and now supermarket supplier, Ella Mills is battling the clean eating backlash and staying ‘fiercely independent’

The Grocer
Is this the future of meat?

Juicy, lab-grown meat is now a reality. But how long before this so called ‘cultured’ meat appears on supermarket shelves? What are the ethical, environmental and health implications? How would you market it? And what’s the consumer’s take?

The Grocer
The problem without palm oil

After Iceland’s galvanising Christmas ad, the controversies around using palm oil have been propelled into mainstream debate. But how realistic is it to cut out the commodity? And is it the answer?

The Grocer
Horsegate: five years on

It was the biggest crisis to hit grocery in decades. Five years on, we ask six leading figures to relive their memories of watching Horsegate unfold from the front line

The Grocer
Should our DNA dictate our diet?

Genetics tests are taking off, with companies offering ‘bespoke’ nutritional advice based on nothing more than a swab of our DNA. Is it a crackpot craze or the future of eating?