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Matt Oliver

Music PR for hire & columnist

Location icon United Kingdom

A dab hand at biographies and newsletters, blurbs long and short, liner notes and promotional texts, and putting words to the promotion of singles/EPs, albums/compilations, and upcoming/established artists/DJs/producers/events.
EXTENSIVE experience in print/online reviews covering hip-hop and most forms of dance music.

Features & reviews in print and online for Seven/DMC Update, Hip-Hop Connection, Breakin Point, Rime Magazine (US), Undercover Magazine, One Week to Live, IDJ, Remix (US), FACT, Clash, BigShot (US), (US),,, Monolith Cocktail.

Promotional work for BBE, Armada Music, Clarisse Records, Chased Management, Publicity Lab, KD Music, Lewis Recordings

Below is a small sample of most varied works. All enquiries - [email protected]


Press releases, bios and promotional texts

Diva EP from Clarisse Records on Beatport

Nobody's holding down Clarisse's do-it-all DJ, producer and boss Mendo, telling the summer to come and get some with new track 'Diva'. One of the underground's most requested remixers - Danny Tenaglia, Steve Lawler, Nina Kraviz, Monika Kruse, Damian Lazarus among his elite club customers - Mendo...

Press release, 2018
Pablo Nouvelle

Press text accompanying new release on Armada Music

Biography, 2018
Ralph Ninety

Nationally distributed blurb for The Doctor's Orders resident

Press release, 2006
Fila Brazillia

Nationally distributed blurb via Darling Department accompanying greatest hits release

Column - Rapture & Verse for Monolith Cocktail

Monolith Cocktail Blog
Our Daily Bread 382: Telemachus 'Boring And Weird Historical Music'

Album Review/Matt Oliver Telemachus 'Boring And Weird Historical Music' (High Focus) LP/Available Now His involvement with everyone who's anyone in UK hip-hop - Verb T, Ocean Wisdom, Kashmere, M9, The Last Skeptik, Jam Baxter and legions more - lead to The Guardian lauding Telemachus/Chemo as "one of those slightly obscure figures who has helped British...

Monolith Cocktail Blog
Our Daily Bread 379: Ill Move Sporadic 'Drug Corpse II (Body Disposal)'

Album Review/Matt Oliver Ill Move Sporadic 'Drug Corpse II (Body Disposal)' (Starch Records) Album/Available Now "You never know when you might need to know skills/in body disposal, it's no frills" - Necro, 'Dead Body Disposal', 2001 Just like volume one, but more drugged up and expecting more cadavers on the slab.

Reviews & features - Clash magazine

Clash Magazine
No Stooge - Iggy Azalea

Man's not hot at Selfridges... Man's not hot at Selfridges... Kickass in the new Hyperflex+ jeans... Kickass in the new Hyperflex+ jeans... Admin / / / 06 · 09 · 2012 The white-skin with blonde hair has a striking, Eminem shock of the new to it, topped with a trademark ponytail that swings like a mace, recalling Madonna's Blonde Ambition with a smattering of Gaga meets Mira Sorvino.

Clash Magazine
My Precious: The History of The Akai MPC

At the risk of retreading an old argument to which there is rarely a definitive answer, who historically is the most significant trailblazer in hip-hop: Grandmaster Flash? Kool DJ Herc? Grandwizard Theodore? Soulja Boy Tell'Em? How about Roger Linn? Wait, who was that last one again?

Clash Magazine
Spotlight: De La Soul - 3 Feet High And Rising

Although they're very much an active rap act in the present day, there's no doubting that 's moment came at the first time of asking, when they released a debut album so striking, and so influential since, that everything that's followed has inevitably been measured against it.

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