Marvis Aigbe

SEO Copywriter for B2B and B2C

Hello! Looking for an SEO Copywriter for your business? I'm your writer. I help business owners scale up their brands with optimized content that gets ranked by search engines and engages their target audience.
I work closely with brands to write research-based blog posts, newsletters, sales copy and email copy.

Freelancer FAQs
Bad Resume? 7 Ways & Examples to Fix it Like An Expert - Freelancer FAQs

Your resume is like a mirror that a potential employer uses to know more about you. The information on your resume will determine whether or not you are a perfect fit for the job. A bad resume fails to professionally highlight your skills, education, and work history.

10 Reasons Being a Toddler’s Dad Is Amazing

“I am not ready; I don’t think I can handle it.” Have you ever entertained such a thought? You will never know how amazing and intriguing it is to be a dad until you become one. Then, you wouldn’t want to trade that beautiful experience for anything in the world.