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My curiosity, love for learning, and passion for writing have been a driving force throughout my life. My earliest writing was at 8 years old, which I refer to as "Dear Diary: Holly Hobby version." I have journals that detail most of my life - my current journal is dedicated to life within a pandemic.

My portfolio includes a range of work products and is divided into several sections. The first is a collection of articles and publications I authored throughout my career, which spans the topics of customer experience, social media listening and research, and consumer insights.

I had the opportunity to self-learn podcast design & execution, and have included a link to some of my favorite podcast episodes.

Finally, I included a link to some personal blog writing. My Dad was my hero, the one I inherited my love of writing from, and my biggest fan. His short fight with cancer was the toughest time of my life, and it was only prudent that I dedicate a writing project to him.

I love to connect with others! Please feel free to reach out to collaborate or just talk shop!

Neal Schaffer - Social Media Marketing Speaker, Consultant & Influencer
Don't Be Invisible On Twitter Make Sure You're Tweeting at the Right Time

Every marketer is looking for the "best" time to publish content, whether it's a Tweet, a Facebook post, or an Instagram story. Did you know the answer is hiding in your insights? It's no surprise that each business is different; in fact, within each business, the "best" time to publish content will vary depending on the type of content, the site it's published on, and the core audience.

NISM Online
Tips for Creating an Effective Social Listening Query - NISM Online

Social listening programs offer many benefits beyond reputation monitoring - it opens up a world of unstructured, online conversations that give brands new avenues for marketing in a way that is personal and effective. It also provides valuable research data that can be used when building a marketing strategy, developing new products and services, or breaking into a new market.

Quirks Marketing Research Review
Where companies are failing at using social media for customer service

Ann Michaels & Associates conducted a three year mystery shopping study, which was designed and executed by Marianne Hynd, to examine response times in social media venues (Facebook, Twitter and the "contact us" forms on the company Web sites). This study set out to observe the evolution of social media as a customer service channel.

Neal Schaffer - Social Media Marketing Speaker, Consultant & Influencer
The Facebook Crisis: Have Likes & Comments Lost Visibility Value

Facebook is going through an identity crisis right now. This Facebook crisis is affecting everyone from Grandma Julie to marketers and social strategists. Remember in the good old days, when Facebook's goal was to "connect the world", it was easy to learn about new brands, products, & services through your friends and family via Facebook?

How Marketing Fails When You Target "Your Customers"​

Tweet Have you ever had this conversation? Client: "Our marketing campaign failed. Why?" You: "Well, who were you targeting?" Client: "Our customers." You: "Okay, but who are your customers?" Client: "They're our customers." Don't worry, you're not alone. This is a common response to the question, "Who are you targeting?"

NISM Online
When Vanity Metrics Lead You Down the Wrong Path - NISM Online

Vanity metrics...we've heard so much about them, and the good news is that a lot of recent buzz suggests that marketers are understanding the value of deeper insights in social listening. Platforms such as Instagram are talking about doing away with the like button, in part so that marketers and influencers focus on engagement and learning the entire story over simply equating a lot of likes as a success.

91% of Managers Do Not Believe Customers

At least when it comes to resolution via a company website. That is just one of the findings in research conducted by Ovum Research,a leading global technology research and advisory firm, in collaboration with LogMeIn.

Podcast Series

Podcast Episode: When a Crisis Hits: How to Use Social Listening To Your Benefit

Chances are your brand will face a social media crisis at some point – with the way social media is designed, it’s bound to happen. Are you prepared to handle it? This episode shares insight, tips, & tricks on how to use social listening & research before and during a crisis – easily identify when something is brewing, collecting information to manage the crisis, and ways to use it to keep your staff safe in high profile crisis situations.

Podcast Episode: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words in Social Research

Todd Grossman, CEO Americas for Talkwalker, used this as an anaolgy when talking about the importance of listening to social conversations. In this episode, Todd talks about image recognition as it relates to social listening and shares an interesting case study looking for the most popular type of pasta - the study found much more than this.

Podcast Episode: How Is Social Media Used in Investigations & Litigation?

Listen as Sandra Stibbards, Owner & President of Camelot Investigations explains how she uses social media and open source intelligence for corporate & individual investigations. Sandra conducts Open Source Intelligence Training (OSINT) courses & shares ways to keep your privacy intact online.

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Social Media Background Checks Uncover Clues for Legal, Law Enforcement and HR Industries

NAPERVILLE, Ill., Aug. 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Ann Michaels & Associates, a leader in Customer Experience and Social Media Management programs, today announced it has expanded its social media monitoring services. The company has debuted eChatter, a social media background check solution designed initially for the law enforcement, human resources and legal professions.

Retail Mystery Shopping Study Reveals Improvement in Social Media Response Rates

NAPERVILLE, Ill., Nov. 11, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Ann Michaels & Associates, a leader in Customer Experience and Social Media Management programs, today announced the results of the Social Media Wait Time Study for Retailers. How long is too long when it comes to receiving an answer to a product or service question in social media?

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