Maggie Schlundt

Creative Storytelling. Written Content. Brand Strategy. Growth.

United States

I stand at the intersection of creative and corporate as: a collaborator, a strategist, a catalyst, a wordsmith, an innovator, a connector, an achiever, an exceeder, a conversation starter.

My experience in copywriting, content marketing/ strategy, storytelling, and brand voice is remarkably wide-ranging, spanning platforms, formats, mediums, audiences, and delivery methods. In everything I write, I seek astounding impact, exceptional quality, and maximum engagement. I am a master at shifting tones and honing in on the most effective voice for any campaign. I see the box and look outside it, marveling at the glittering possibilities that lie outside convention.

Come, step outside the box with me. Let's make something with sparks.

[The portfolio below represents only a portion of Maggie Schlundt's work. If there is a content style or media platform that you would like to see more of, please contact Maggie directly.]



7 Ways to Boost Morale While Working Remotely * Paymo

Paying attention to your remote worker's morale will pay off. As little as 10 years ago, the idea of working remotely was unimaginable. Now, remote work and telecommuting are quickly on the rise as employers recognize the remarkable impact a work-from-home environment can have on a company's finances, productivity, and employee's well being.

Let's Roam
A Colorado Bachelorette Party: Your Ultimate Guide - Let's Roam

Congratulations, a wedding is in the works! The bride-to-be has found the love of her life and you are strapping in for months of incredible celebrations leading up to the big day. To us though, one of the biggest (and most fun) festivities to plan is the bachelorette party.

Let's Roam
Best Places to Visit in August: Where to Go and What to See - Let's Roam

August is just around the corner, and you might be starting to feel that familiar travel itch. Whether you're looking to hop in the car for a road trip, or you're ready to get on a plane and travel the world, we put together a list of the best places to visit in August for every type of wanderer.

Let's Roam
25 things to do on your birthday (the best one yet!) - Let's Roam

It's about to be your birthday! (Yay!) It's time to start planning how you want to celebrate. If you're anything like us, you struggle to come up with ideas of birthday activities that are equal parts fun and special. You want to feel like royalty because this is the one day a year that you can wear a crown without judgment.

Let's Roam
Fierce Women to Celebrate this International Women's Day! - Let's Roam

International Women's Day is this Sunday, March 8th. As a company filled with fierce, strong women, this is one of our favorite days of the year. It's an opportunity to celebrate the inspirational trailblazing women in history who came before us. This is a global holiday celebrating the remarkable, impactful achievements of women.

Curious Theatre Company
Projections: A Brief History, A Limitless Future

An article detailing the use of video/projections in live theatre, and their likely escalating integration in theatre's future. Includes an interview with national video/projection designer Brian Freeland. Was published on web and in the playbill for the production of 'Body of an American'.

Let's Roam
11 Virtual Games for Remote Teams that are ACTUALLY Fun - Let's Roam

Welcome to the future! Millions of people across the globe are now working remotely. Advancing technology has made it easier than ever to connect and collaborate with your team from anywhere in the world. Remote work comes with its own unique challenges though.

Curious Theatre Company
Tragedy as A Business Opportunity

An article highlighting the myriad ways in which people work to profit from tragedy. This article served as enrichment content in the playbill for the production 'Gloria' and was additionally published on the organization's website.

Marketing E-Mails/E-Blasts

Let's Roam
The story of couples and a mysterious book...

Portion of email promoting the Adventures From Scratch: Date Edition book, highlighting real purchasers. (Please note that formatting my have shifted when transferring email into PDF format. The remainder of email contained testimonials and reviews.)

Let's Roam
Have you prepared your acceptance speech?

B2B Email promoting Let's Roam's Team Building Activities. (Part of a win-back email drip campaign. Please note that formatting has shifted when transferring from email to PDF.)

Let's Roam
Your Saturday Read: Top Explorer Blogs

Newsletter-style email for our email subscribers, highlighting top blogs. (Please note that formatting has shifted when transferring from email to PDF).

Curious Theatre Company
Our Revolution

E-blast about Curious Theatre Company's Revolution.

Curious Theatre Company

E-blast to promote an annual day of giving, focused on the cast of the play 'The Humans'.

Books, Scratch-off Adventure and Activity Books

Let's Roam
Adventures From Scratch: Date Edition (selected excerpts)

Content written, conceived, and led by Maggie Schlundt. A book created to transform the way couples connect. An interactive date book to fill relationships with everyday excitement. Brimming with ready-made dates and romance-sparking adventures.

Let's Roam
Adventures From Scratch: Family Edition (selected excerpts)

Content written, conceived, and led by Maggie Schlundt. A book to spark a sense of adventure in families across the world. With 50+ hidden challenges, tear-out surprises, and interactive elements, this is the ultimate scratch-off family adventure book.

Social Media Campaigns

Curious Theatre Company
Happy Thanksgiving....

A Thanksgiving post sharing photos from past family-centered Curious Theatre Productions

Curious in 10 Words

A series of posts celebrating an organizational anniversary with quotes from artists and stakeholders

Grant Proposals / Applications

Curious Theatre Company
Bonfils-Stanton Foundation, General Operating Support Grant

A grant proposal submitted to the Bonfils-Stanton Foundation requesting increased General Operating Support for Curious Theatre Company. This proposal was approved and strengthened our relationship between Curious and the Foundation.

Curious Theatre Company
National Endowment for the Arts, Artworks

Grant Proposal, submitted to the National Endowment for the Arts, applying for funding in support of a project that will create and tour a play about Denver's dark KKK History. This project was awarded full funding.

Program/Playbill Content, Spreads

Creede Repertory Theatre
Finish Our Story: A MadLib Journey

An interactive MadLib journey that allows readers/participants to be a part of the organization's story while learning about its impact.

Institute for Leaders in Development
A Tailored Experience

A presentation on stewardship, motivation, and cultivation, presented to Institute for Leaders in Development panelists.

Creede Repertory Theatre
It's All Thanks to You!

A spread in the theatre's annual magazine/program sharing the organization's accomplishments and the wide reach of their audience.


Creede Repertory Theatre
50 Reasons to Love CRT

A Solicitation Campaign, mailed to Creede Repertory Theatre patrons, created in collaboration with RoShamBo Graphic Design Studio. Part of a multi-channel campaign that boosted organizational revenue.

Curious Theatre Company
Our Unanimous Declaration

A Solicitation Campaign, mailed to Curious Theatre Company patrons, created in collaboration with 2Fold Design Studio. Part of a multi-channel campaign that raised 145% more than previous campaigns launched in that time frame.

Curious Theatre Company
Join our Revolution!

An appeal campaign, mailed to Curious Theatre Company patrons, created in collaboration with 2Fold Graphic Design Studio. Part of a multi-channel campaign that asserted our mission, boosted organizational revenue, and increased overall patron loyalty.

Curious Theatre Company
Quiz: What Type of Curious Are You?

For patrons and fans of Curious Theatre Company, a quiz to determine which Curious staff or company member (i.e. "What Type of Curious") they are. Designed to share details of Curious Theatre favorites' personalities, to engage patrons in a unique way, and to raise funds.

Curious Theatre Company
20 Years Of...

A piece created in honor of Curious Theatre Company's 20th Anniversary celebrating progress and accomplishments with infographics and a letter from the founder. Part of a larger multi-channel campaign that increased both engagement and revenue.

Curious Theatre Company
A Home for Artists

A letter sharing Curious Theatre Company's commitment to Artists, from the perspective of a longtime artistic company member (written by me, printed with his signature and his story with his approval). This campaign sparked a 45% revenue increased over previous end-of-year campaigns.

Brochure/White Paper

Curious Theatre Company (Designed by 2Fold Studio)
The Loyalty Target (White Paper)

White Paper detailing success/results of Curious Theatre Company’s new administrative structure:THE LOYALTY TARGET. I contributed content for this piece, which was created in collaboration with Curious’ Managing Director (project lead), Graphic Designer, and Community Engagement Organizer.

Curious Theatre Company
Corporate Sponsorship Packet

Curious Theatre Company Corporate Sponsorship Packet, seeking Corporate Support for Curious' 22nd Production Season

Website Copy

Full Product Website, Adventures From Scratch Books
Scratch-off Adventure Book | Adventures From Scratch by Let's Roam

Maggie Schlundt wrote copy for full website, including the landing/product pages for both the family and date editions of the books. "50+ scratch-off adventures, on-the-go challenges, in-home discoveries, and tear-out surprises. Make life extraordinary with Adventures From Scratch by Let's Roam."
Landing Page for Let's Roam's Virtual Birthday Parties

Landing page for Let's Roam Virtual Birthday Parties, copy written by Maggie Schlundt. "Bring friends and family together to play super-fun online games with built-in video call software to spread birthday love."

Kickstarter, Adventures from Scratch: Family Edition

Kickstarter page created to launch Adventures from Scratch (a new physical product from Let's Roam). All copy on page was written by Maggie Schlundt. "A book to spark your sense of adventure and to lead your family into the incredible - 50+ scratch off-adventures & on-the-go challenges 142 backers pledged $10,727 to help bring this project to life."


Curious Theatre Company
Immigrapendence Day

A digital invitation to a special event celebrating immigrants and refugees while activating our audiences.

Curious Theatre Company
Cake & Cocktails

An Invitation to Curious Theatre Company's 'Cake & Cocktails' Fundraiser

Videos (scripted and conceived)


Creede Repertory Theatre
Creede: A Love Poem

A poem published in Creede Repertory Theatre’s 50th Anniversary commemorative book, sharing my affinity for the magical town.