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Luiza Vieira


Location icon Brazil

Jornalista bilíngue formada pela University of Nevada Reno, em 2015, com experiência nas áreas de rádio, cinegrafia, webjornalismo e assessoria de imprensa para eventos culturais e entretenimento.

Atualmente trabalho com mídia e inteligência de negócio, sou colaboradora do projeto Open Explorer da National Geographic "Indigenous of Brazil" e "Brazilian Marine Parks" e do blog de natação Raia Oito, voltado para o público amador.

Nevada's New Voter ID Law

At the polls this election season, voters will have one more requirement to prove their identity. Our contributor Luiza Vieira has more on the state's new voter ID law which recently went into effect. When voting, if your signature does not match the one on file, you will have to respond to a list of questions to confirm your personal data.

Interview: How To Survive Burning Man

Every year more and more Burners make their way to the Black Rock Desert. As the Burning Man festival has grown, so, too, has its healthcare delivery system. To learn more, our contributor Luiza Vieira spoke with Dr. Gary Johnson.

Reno Couple Cancels Visit Back Home To Brazil Due To Zika

The Zika virus outbreak has gained international attention for the past three months. Even though it poses little risk for Northern Nevadans, some are feeling the ripple effect. Our contributor Luiza Vieira spoke to one of those Reno residents. Juliana Sacoman is a researcher for the biology department at UNR.

FDA Bans Toxic Chemicals, But Is It Too Late?

Our newsroom recently received a puzzling press release from a national organization called the Environmental Working Group. It says that next month, the FDA will start banning certain toxic chemicals from being used in some food packaging such as card-box pizza and microwave popcorn bags.

Reno Pizzeria Gives Hope To People With Disabilities

A pizzeria in Reno called Smiling With Hope is offering more than just classic New York style pizza. It's giving people with special needs hands-on work experience and independence. Our contributor Luiza Vieira went to check it out. "Hi, hello, Luiza." As Walter Gloshinski, the owner, greets me, I see him grimace with each step he takes.

Open Explorer
Open Explorer | Indigenous of Brazil

Day 4: When a Girl Becomes a Woman: Taquara RitualBy Luiza Vieira - Expedition Journalist Portuguese version bellow Our last day in the Afukuri village was also the one we were more excited for. From the moment we arrived at the tribe, it was possible to feel a suspense in the air whenever the Taquara ritual was mentioned.

Open Explorer
Open Explorer | Brazilian Marine Parks

Por Luiza Vieira O Arquipélago de Abrolhos não é conhecido apenas por suas belezas naturais, seus extensos recifes e sua biodiversidade. Ali, no fundo do mar, estão guardados segredos e histórias que transpassam séculos entre os escombros e pilares de embarcações.

Raia Oito
Os 50 metros com barreiras

Existem várias provas de natação, 50, 100, 200 metros, nado borboleta, crawl, costas e peito. Mas você já ouviu falar nos 50 metros com obstáculos? É isso mesmo. A Pista de Natação Utilitária (PNU) é uma das cinco modalidades do Pentatlo Militar. O Pentatlo Militar foi inventado em 1946 pelo oficial francês, Henri Debrus.