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Veppo Subscriptions

Veppo Subscriptions Tired of realizing you're out of e-liquid until you reach for you vape? Tired of having to re-order the same supply each month? We hear you

What are Box Mod Vaporizers?

What are Box Mod Vaporizers? A detailed explanation. A box mod is one of the most powerful types of vaporizers. They differ from other vaporizers in some ways

Vaping without Nicotine

VAPING WITHOUT NICOTINE Many people have come to associate vaporizer use with the use of nicotine. While many vapers use products that contain nicotine, there


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New Max for Live Device Let's You Sync Ableton to a Drummer

Looking to add some live drums to your Ableton performance setup? A new Max for Live device may help you do just that. In the past, drummers playing along to an Ableton set were forced to play to a click track and stay in sync with the computer.

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How The FDA Vape Regulations Affect You

Currently, the legal jargon is unclear. So we broke apart the FDA's language to let you know how the FDA vape regulations will affect consumers, in plain english. In May, the FDA passed sweeping regulations that may eventually have an impact on the e-cigarette and vaping world.

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Could Nicotine Be The Next Smart Drug?

Now many people are using nicotine as a smart drug. Could it be that what we've assumed about nicotine may not be true? Is nicotine harmful to humans or could it be used as a beneficial nootropic or 'smart drug' similar to caffeine?

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Could Scientists Transform Blood Types?

When a patient is in need of blood, hospitals and emergency rooms must do everything in their power to find the right blood type. It is not uncommon for hospitals to be out of particular types, leaving them in a precarious situation.

A Rookie Impression of Miami Music Week - GainesvilleScene

Tweet Tweet "I'll take two whiskey gingers." "The minimum on cards is eighty," says the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. She happened to be tending the bars that night at Mansion in Miami. "So how much would that be?" I ask in disbelief at both the height of the price and the length of her legs.

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Jacuzzi - Seppuku Pt. 1 Featuring Mr. Carmack

This stuff just hits me. Hawaain savant team Mr. Carmack and Jacuzzi have done it yet again. Over the past year, Carmack has taken the beat scene with an iron fist and not let go. With his empty bass heavy beats he has managed to create a loyal following in both the continental United States and its small island cousins.

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Apps To Help Conquer Your New Year's Resolutions

It's that time of year when New Year's Resolutions sink or swim. If you've failed to follow through with resolutions of the past, it probably isn't your fault. Sticking to one is tough, and without some help, most people fail to complete their goals.