Lisa Martin


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I am a writer, editor, and certified copyeditor. Articles I've written for publication include exclusive announcements that needed to be turned over quickly, in depth artist profiles, and crafty how-tos.

I am a lifelong Californian, currently based out of San Francisco. Topics I enjoy covering are the arts, culture, technology, literature, and events.

Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers
This "Bee-Dimensional" Printer Creates Some Sweet Looking Prints | Make:

As light passes through the illuminated beeswax sculptures of artist and biologist Jennifer Berry, it highlights the honeycomb structure. Layers of the delicate material create geometric forms and the natural pattern of the comb is revealed in the shadows.

Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers
OpenAPS Offers Open Source Tools for Diabetes Management | Make:

Dana Lewis wants to improve the lives of diabetics, and has spent the last three years working to perfect a DIY artificial pancreas system - and making the plans available and easy for others to implement.

Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers
Watch the Drunken Movements of This Mechanized Artwork | Make:

The kinetic art of Ruey-Shiann Shyu has been whirring and moving through museum and gallery spaces since the mid-90s. Although the motorized artwork is mechanical, it conveys an organic sense of emotion. Born in Taiwan in 1966, artist Ruey-Shiann Shyu studied art at the Fu-Hsing Trade and Art School and the Chinese Culture University in Taipei, where his studies focused on western-style painting techniques and sculpture.

Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers
Unfolding the Story Behind Paul Johnson's No-Fold Pop-Up Books | Make:

The pop-up books of Paul Johnson wouldn't look out of place in a museum or art gallery, but to really understand Johnson's work you have to imagine seeing these pieces in a classroom. "One half is working in books. One half is teaching literacy to children," Johnson says.

Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers
8 Questions for a Traveling Paper Maker - Art | Make:

Jillian Bruschera is an interdisciplinary artist and the art-activist behind the Mobile Mill, a mobile papermaking studio that has allowed her to teach papermaking techniques at schools, in alleys, on the street, and at the beach. Originally conceived as an entire vehicle, the Mobile Mill has evolved since Bruschera first conceived of the idea three years ago.

Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers
A New World Record: Fastest Ascent Made by a Drone | Make:

On October 17th, 2015, Dirk Brunner took his drone to a field in Munich to prove what he already knew: that his drone could ascend to a height of 100m faster than any other drone in the world.

Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers
An Interview with Macabre Crocheter Caitlin McCormack | Make:

Caitlin McCormack is an artist based out of South Philadelphia who sculpts animal skeletons with string and glue. While these eery sculptures may seem simply macabre, there's more to these sculptures than what's present: There are memories, there are empty spaces, there is a family legacy, and all the ways these things change and reconstruct themselves over time.