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Lisa Gunatileka is an alumna of San Jose State's English Department with a concentration in Professional & Technical writing and a minor in Creative Writing. She currently works in Corporate Communications and Brand Development at II-VI Incorporated.

Instagram Game Plan | On-Site

Show off your property in creative ways that will highlight different features. As amazing as your landscaping might be, you don't want every post to be of flowers and shrubs. It's important to keep in mind that when a potential renter comes to your Instagram page, the pictures show up in a grid; you don't want them to see a block of green or brown.

Finisar Demonstrates VCSEL and Diffractive Optics Technology for 3D Sensing Applications at...

Coherent Optical Engine for LiDAR Applications also on Display SUNNYVALE, Calif., June 25, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Finisar (NASDAQ:FNSR), a world leader in optical communication modules and 3D Sensing VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser) technology, today announced its participation at Sensors Expo with several demonstrations and product displays.

Make Marketing Easier | On-Site

The short description that appears under the title tag of a search is the meta description of a page the user is about to open. This information doesn't have anything to do with the algorithms used to search through sites, but it is widely recognized as an important part of SEO marketing.

Social Mediate

A long, long time ago, people spoke to one another face-to-face. If something went wrong in their apartment, like an appliance which has stopped working, they went and spoke to their landlord. However, things have changed over the years; it began with the email and eventually moved to social media.

Where Are Your Followers? | On-Site

Every marketer has a demographic in mind when they create content for social media. But for your message to reach that demographic, you need to know where in the internet they are. If you are posting a message meant for baby boomers on Reddit, you're not going to get a response (not a real one at least).

This Property Is Not Yet Rated

Sometimes it feels as though a bad review can be the beginning of the end for a property. Receiving a negative Yelp review or bad feedback on Facebook may be a property manager's nightmare-but there are worse things than a bad review.

How to Help a First-Time Tenant

First time tenants can be unpredictable. They don't have a rental history, so there is no way to know how they will treat a rental property. They also may not know everything that a seasoned renter will. If you end up renting to a first-time tenant, you may want to go over some of the minutiae with them in case they forget.

Noisy Neighbors

If a tenant is noisy in the middle of a forest, will anyone file a noise complaint? Probably not. But most tenants tend to live near other people, which can lead to a few different things happening: emails from the neighborhood HOA, complaints from a building manger, or in the worst-case scenario you can receive a nuisance complaint from the city.

Return of the Polar Vortex

Winter has come and it's only getting colder. The polar vortex that swept up the northeastern part of the United States in 2014 is back and bringing gusts of snow with it. Temperatures are supposed to drop between 5 - 20 degrees below average.

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