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Staff writer at Splinter, covering politics, influence, and healthcare. I've written for Gizmodo, the Sunlight Foundation, NYMag, Gawker, Broadly, and the Atlantic.

Why Working Women With Migraines Suffer in Silence

I had my first migraine when I was 10, on vacation with my dad at a resort in France. Being with my dad and his wife always meant pretending to cope, which turns out to be good preparation for life as a migraine sufferer.

How Crossing the Border Became a Crime

In the wake of the child separation policy at the border, the government's bizarre legal approach to migration has been thrown into the spotlight. Crossing an invisible line is a crime considered so heinous that ripping children away from their parents, and losing them indefinitely, is apparently justified.

Twitter Has an Astroturfing Tool and They Won't Tell Us Who's Using It

A few weeks ago, Bloomberg published a damning piece about how the DCI Group, a D.C.-based consulting firm, creates phony echo chambers to help push its clients' interests. For example, it created a 'coalition' of groups to support its campaign against Argentina on behalf of the country's Wall Street bondholders, who wanted their money back.

The Most Promising Migraine Drug in Years Is Trapped in Healthcare Hell

The last seven weeks have been some of the least painful I've lived since I was 16 years old. Normally, I have an incapacitating migraine roughly once a week andspend many otherdayseach month enduring pounding, painful, and tiresome headaches that threaten to turn into full-blown migraines.

Why Did Politicon Make Me Want To Die?

A few minutes before 11 on a recent Saturday morning, at least a hundred people lined up outside the Pasadena Convention Center, sweating in the blazing California sun, squinting in the light and trying to figure out how much longer the wait would be.

Etsy's Vaginal Problem

Do you ever feel not so fresh, down there? Or do you worry about your flappy ol' ham sandwich being a little too slack? After all, as thousands of years of misogynistic bullshit would tell us, Loose Lips Sink Relationships.

'I'm Drowning': Your Stories of Buying Healthcare for 2019

Last week, we asked you to send in details of the insurance plans you purchased on the Affordable Care Act exchanges. We received more than 70 messages, mostly all with the same theme: This shit is too expensive, and it sucks.

Government Healthcare Is Saving My Mum's Life

My mother has lung cancer. At the end of last year, she began feeling breathless and tired, struggling with walks around the village I grew up in; in March, we found out a tumor was to blame. When she was diagnosed, I found myself constantly writing about it in my head in a distinct Writing Voice.

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