Lauren Chadwick

Freelance Writer

United Kingdom


i'm lauren, a freelance writer from manchester :)

i like to write long-form articles about modern feminism & intersectionality, education, mental-health and social class inequalities in the u.k.

i also write reviews of live concerts & artists for various music magazines. i have a special interest in the arts and culture sector and regularly write book reviews, film analyses, essays, and literature guides on my personal blog.

email: [email protected] for any writing enquiries. i am always looking for more!

Sober Girl Society
Invest in rest: Navigating productivity culture in sobriety

When I got sober, I felt like I had a new lease on life. Gone were the days of crippling hang-xiety and shame and alcohol-induced sickness that drained my time and money. Laid out before me were a succession of blissful weekend mornings shimmering like a ripe summer fruit.


Four lads from Wigan stepped onto the stage of Castlefield Bowl on Friday night. Defiant against a stubborn Manchester rain, The Lathums, comprising of lead Alex Moore, dynamic guitarists Scott Concepsion and Matty Murphy, and exuberant drummer Ryan Durrans (accompanied by beautiful back-up singers,

The Band CAMINO live@O2 Ritz (Manchester): Review

After a long, grey winter, the sun has come out and graced the pavements of Manchester - finally! The start of summer in the city greets you with open arms. An air of eagerness and excitement that you can almost taste.

Dorothy’s Pen
If You're Lonely, This Ones For You.

Reader Level: Intermediate. A Review of Olivia Laing's The Lonely City: Adventures in the art of being alone (2016). Loneliness in the city, loneliness in the art world, loneliness in the personal and political. Laing's 2016 book lovingly studies the humanness of loneliness, its multitudes, and the place of loneliness within the city and the...