Special Ed Teacher

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Hello, my name is Alondra, which means Lark in English. I am a woman of average height, i have hair short of color brown. I like dancing, cookin, sing and read. In my time free i like create stories and watch netflix.

I am a student of the superior school of specialities in the visual area.

county of Spain

To make the brochure of Spain, we investigate its gastronomy, tourism, traditions, climate and official language. Las fotos que les muestro es el primero folleto que realice, me costo mucho trabajo, pensé que esta bien, al momento de revisarlo la maestra me corrigió palabras y quito palabras que coloque de más. I felt stressed because it is difficult for me to write in English and I do not like English. I learned new vocabulary,me sentí estresada porque me es complicado escribir en inglés y...

good food

This reading was very special for me, because I discovered that my vocabulary and my understanding increased, I can read and understand, I felt happy, gracias maestra Gaby porque aprendí demasiado con usted.


This is my talent- I am a great writer of stories, is my activity favorite in my time free. because, I express my feelings and my ideas, when I am sad, happy or worried. I was worried because I do not like to speak English in public, but I practiced and did my best.


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