Krissy Howard

Freelance Writer

United States

Krissy Howard is a freelance writer who works to create engaging and informative research-based content for various online media outlets. In addition to writing copy, she worked as the Managing Editor of music satire site, The Hard Times, and has created original humor for outlets like Reductress, The Hairpin, and Hello Giggles.

Here's How to Tell When You Should Toss Your Skincare Products

It's a sad scenario and one many of us never wish to be faced with: having to toss our skincare products. Which is especially hard if we paid more than a few pretty pennies for that bottle, or if we just really, really love that particular item.

Ready-to-Assemble Kitchen Cabinets: What You Should Know | Hunker

If your kitchen cabinets are due for an upgrade or if you're looking into a kitchen remodel, RTA cabinets may be a good option to explore. Also known as ready-to-assemble cabinets, these items make kitchen-cabinet assembly easy for anyone looking for a DIY project to tackle.

This Dogs Life
Pets of the Homeless Works to Keep Dogs Where They Belong -- With Their Owners

You've probably seen it before - a person panhandling or sleeping on the street with a dog in tow. Maybe you've looked on with pity, or perhaps you've felt helpless or even judgmental. Many often wonder what they can do to help, and thanks to the efforts of one animal-loving empath, a solution is available.

Reader's Digest
When to Go to the ER After a Head Injury | Reader's Digest

You're experiencing headaches You can't seem to smell anything You experience bouts of amnesia Content continues below ad You feel dizzy You experience vomiting Your sleep schedule is way off Content continues below ad You're experiencing mood swings Make sure to take any head injuries seriously

Home Guides | SF Gate
How to Fix a Toilet That's Not Getting Any Water

How to Fix a Toilet That's Not Getting Any Water. Modern low-flow toilets require less than half the water that their older 5-gallon-flush counterparts did, but that water must flow quickly for the toilet to work properly. When the water is flowing quickly enough, it fills the waste pipe and creates the suction ...

The Pretty Pimple
The Ultimate Guide to Traveling with Acne-Prone Skin - The Pretty Pimple

We all deserve a break from our daily work/life routine from time to time, but for those with acne-prone skin, our skin rarely allows us to take a day off. That's why it's so important to have a plan of action for maintaining good skin health, especially if you have upcoming holiday travel plans.

Zara's New Sustainable Line Is A Small Step In The Right Direction

There's no question that clothing and accessories retailer Zara is a force to be reckoned with. What started as a single store in Spain has since grown to become a name known around the globe, and is now the main brand of Inditex, the largest apparel retailer in the world.

The Hard Times
Meet the White Woman Who's Fighting Racism by Making Fun of People From Alabama

These days, it seems like racism is at the forefront of everything, mostly thanks to former President Donald Trump, and how he brought racism back from the dead. If anything's going to be done to end racism, we can't count on the very system that was put in place to uphold it to tear it down, we have to leave it in the hands of the people.

Above Average
Dad Practices Holding Sweater Against Torso In Preparation For Christmas

In order to get ready for the annual Christmas morning gift-unwrapping, 43-year-old father of two Will Conklin has been practicing holding a sweater against his torso while smiling. "I have to get this just right," said Conklin, adjusting his facial expression and the angle of his grip.