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I'm a freelance writer specializing in music, books, and technology. I am the author of two books: Michael Jackson FAQ (Backbeat Books) and Songs We Were Singing: Analyses of Beatles Tracks. Previously a music editor for, I'm currently a contributing editor for Beatlefan magazine, reviewer/columnist for Blinded by Sound and Something Else Reviews, and contributor to Cinema Sentries.


Deep Beatles Columns

"Good Morning Good Morning" (1967): Deep Beatles
A cacophony of guitars, brass, furious drums, John Lennon's lead vocal, and even animal noises, "Good Morning Good Morning" may stand as one of Lennon's most eccentric...
"Dig a Pony," from 'Let It Be' (1970): Deep Beatles
A classic example of John Lennon's love of wordplay, the Let It Be track "Dig a Pony" features some mysterious lyrics, raw Paul McCartney-Lennon harmonies, and crunching...
Deep Beatles: “You Never Give Me Your Money” from Abbey Road (1969)
Deep Beatles: “She Came In Through The Bathroom Window” from Abbey Road (1969)
Deep Beatles: “Polythene Pam” from Abbey Road (1969)
Deep Beatles: "Mean Mr. Mustard," from Abbey Road (1969)
As "Sun King" quietly fades, a drum kickstarts this darkly humorous track: "Mean Mr. Mustard," a John Lennon composition dating to 1968. His own harshest critic, Lennon later...
Deep Beatles: "Sun King" from Abbey Road (1969)
Next in the Abbey Road medley is one of the Beatles' most beautiful yet mysterious tracks, "Sun King." In later years, John Lennon dismissed "Sun King" as "a piece of garbage I...
Deep Beatles: "Because" from Abbey Road (1969)
For the next several columns, I will closely examine the legendary Abbey Road medley, their 16-minute magnum opus comprised of numerous song fragments. Where did these short...


Gimme Five: Things the Music Industry Can Learn from 'Weird Al' Yankovic - Something Else!
Parody artist "Weird Al" Yankovic recently found himself at a crossroads: He had a new album, Mandatory Fun, to promote, but how? Just over 30 years ago, the answer was simple:...
For all of his talent, Kurt Cobain was not the spokesman for my generation - Something Else!
I was finishing my senior year in college, and remember watching MTV's announcement of Kurt Cobain's suicide, 20 years ago today. I admit I wasn't surprised, as he always seemed...
On Miley Cyrus' oversexualized new video for "We Can't Stop": Please, stop
After hearing about it, I finally watched the video to Miley Cyrus' new single "We Can't Stop." Here's my beef: I get the whole breaking away from Hannah Montana thing. I...
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Concert Reviews

Stevie Wonder, November 14, 2014: Shows I'll Never Forget
United Center, Chicago: "I am singing of love from my heart," Stevie Wonder proclaims in as part of "Ngiculela - Es Una Historia - I Am Singing." That phrase set the tone for...
Shows I'll Never Forget: Paul McCartney, July 9, 2014 - Something Else!
At the United Center, Chicago: When attending a Paul McCartney concert, there are several guarantees: He will play an abundance of Beatles and Wings material, will toss in some...
Shows I'll Never Forget: The Fab Faux, November 9, 2013
At the Chicago Theatre: The phrase "Beatles tribute band" usually conjures images of costumes, bad wigs, and even worse pseudo-Liverpudlian accents. The Fab Faux shatters that...
Shows I'll Never Forget: Earth Wind and Fire, September 20, 2013
At the Chicago Theatre, Chicago, Illinois: As the entire crowd bounced up and down, hands in the air, one thing was clear: only Earth Wind and Fire could turn the Chicago...
Shows I'll Never Forget: Paul McCartney, July 16, 2013
Milwaukee, Wisconsin: After all these years, you'd think that Paul McCartney would find it difficult to surprise audiences anymore. Yet with each tour, he dusts off more Beatles...
Shows I'll Never Forget: Michael Nesmith, April 6, 2013
At the Old Town School of Folk Music, Chicago: Michael Nesmith's appearance was not just a concert - it was an evening with a raconteur, an artist weaving stories with words and...
Concert Review: Jane Monheit at the McAninch Arts Center at College of DuPage, Glen Ellyn,...
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Concert Review: Chick Corea/Christian McBride/Brian Blade Trio at Orchestra Hall, Chicago, 10/08/10
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iPad App Review: The Guitar Collection - George Harrison
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