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Kayla Carbert

Copywriter. Blogger. Storyteller.

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Hi! I'm Kayla and I am a communication student with a passion for writing copy and coming up with creative campaigns. I want to help you create the voice that's stuck in everyone's head.

Here are some of the things I can do for you:

-Write Blog Posts
-Create Social Media Posts for Content Calendars
-Write News Releases and News Articles
-Interview and Research your Target Market

Let's get started crafting your best yet.



Alum of the Month - October 2018 | Robert Morris University

Jamall Brimage '13 always had a knack for leadership. As an undergrad he was president of Phi Beta Sigma fraternity for two years and member of the Black Student Union and Pittsburgh Promise cohort. These positions helped him perfect his presentation and leadership skills, as well as gave him a chance to interact with a diverse group of people.

Alum of the Month - November 2018 | Robert Morris University

In middle school Tim Friez '07 broke his parents' new computer and was told he had to fix it himself. Tinkering with that machine kick started his passion for computers and led him to become the chief operating officer of Robomatter, Inc. in Pittsburgh.


Tailored Marketing
Cookie-Cutter Marketing: Why It Doesn't Work - Tailored Marketing

In today's marketing climate, it can seem difficult to come up with fresh ideas that haven't been done before. If the same old thing has worked in the past for your company, you might wonder why you should even bother coming up with creative new concepts.


5 Family Friendly Spring Break Destinations -

Spring vacation is no longer just a good time for college students to travel. Families who are trying to save money because it is off-season or have kids with time off from school often travel during these weeks. Check out these 5 family friendly spring break destinations with direct flights from Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh International Airport's New Modernized Terminal Design -

Pittsburgh International Airport unveiled its design for a modernized terminal that combines elements of nature, technology, and community. The marketing team feels this design will embody the characteristics of Pittsburgh. Featuring a roof designed to mimic the rolling hills of the area.

Escape the Winter Weather with These Nonstop Flight Destinations -

Need a break from cloudy skies and snowy afternoons? With the holidays over and the winter season upon us, sometimes a warm getaway is all you need to rejuvenate and relax. Here are some sunny nonstop flight destinations to perk up your mood. Cancun Known for its luxurious beaches and nightlife, Cancun also offers many...

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