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I Tried 3 Ancient Beauty Rituals | Well+Good

My beauty cabinet looks like a mad scientist's laboratory, teeming with enough chemical concoctions and artificial elixirs to send Patrick Bateman into a coma. Whether it's Botox or bakuchiol, pol

I Spent a Week Working Out Like a Professional Ballerina-Here's What Happened

Since childhood, I've been obsessed with ballet. Four-year-old me had dreams of hitting the big time as a professional ballerina, dreams that abruptly came crashing down just a day into ballet lessons when another little girl threw up all over my peony pink leotard-turning it an unsightly shade of pond-green-and tantrums ensued.

I Tried Jane Fonda's '80s Workout Tapes To See How They Hold Up

A few weeks back, I was complaining to my mom about my friends flocking to CrossFit and signing up for marathons while I struggle to emerge from the me-shaped mold I've created in my sofa. She told me to give some Jane Fonda workout videos from the '80s a try.

The fashion legacy of HBO's Euphoria

The season two finale of the HBO sensation Euphoria has just beenreleased, leaving the show's global audience reeling in its wake. As Lexi takes her final bow and the curtains fall, whilst Cassie and Maddie lick their wounds, our attention turns towards the legacy of this controversial teen drama on the world beyond the screen.

Your Guide to the Perfect Wellness Weekend in London

by Katie Baxter As someone who has recently started work in the city since graduating, I've personally felt in dire need of some relaxing escapism; a need which inspired me to seek out wellness activities close by. Sometimes, so that you don't feel swept up in London's tidal wave, you need to come up for air.

A tale of two cities: the restaurant where Jerusalem meets Victorian London

By Katie Baxter The year is 1852. Coal Drops Yard is a grimy hub of Victorian industrial production behind North London's Kings Cross station. In Charles Dickens' Our Mutual Friend, the narrator described this harsh landscape as a 'suburban Sahara'. Fast forward a century and the scene is no less bleak.

Colouring outside the lines: 3 hidden gems of the London art gallery scene

by Katie Baxter Throughout my childhood, my mum endeavoured to instil me with an appreciation of art. Before every family holiday, she would scour through guide books and meticulously highlight the galleries that stood out to her on the page, before frantically scribbling down a list of her favourites in a notebook.

Nicholson Glover
Out with the old: the rise of the four-day work week - Nicholson Glover

February 7, 2022 Yes, you read that right. A four-day work week. Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? Well, perhaps not. Offices in the UK are currently abuzz with the news of a trial taking place in June of this year, which will see around 30 companies across the country adopt a four-day work week for a six-month pilot period.

Nicholson Glover
Creating a personal brand - Nicholson Glover

March 23, 2022 When you hear the word 'brand', what comes to mind? Most likely, your head is flooded with images of L'Oréal models whispering 'because you're worth it', or Nike athletes telling you to 'just do it'.

When Wellness Becomes an Aesthetic: Becoming 'That Girl'

Take a moment to picture 'that girl' in your head. Chances are, she begins her morning ritual at 6:00am, promptly preparing her matcha latte with oat milk and manuka honey before writing in her gratitude journal. She proceeds with her daily yoga session, inhaling the scent of her essential oil diffuser with every deep breath.