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News Intern at The Times (2018), Murdoch Scholar at The Sun (2017), Stage Editor at The Oxford Student (2017), Oxford grad (English, 2015-18). French speaker. Theatre and film enthusiast.

Alexa, be my friend: children see digital assistants as part of family

Young children talk to Amazon's Alexa as if she was a member of the family and view voice-operated home assistants as human, research shows. A team from the University of Washington told the ACM interaction design and children conference that young children had conversations with devices powered by

Trump visit: 100,000 join baby blimp for peaceful carnival of protest

More than 100,000 people protested yesterday against President Trump's visit in what organisers called a "carnival of resistance".The vast majority of demonstrators were in two marches that flooded through central London and ended in rallies at Parliament Square and Trafalgar Square. Hundreds more t

The Sun
Is Concorde about to return? NASA looks to revive supersonic jet travel... but there's one BIG...

NASA is developing a new QUIETER Concorde plane - which will HALF your flight time from London to New York ushering in a new era of supersonic travel. The space agency will soon start accepting bids for the construction of "Concorde II" - a new jet backed by President Trump which can reach the incredible speeds of the original, but without the ear-crashing sonic boom which came with it.

The Oxford Student
An Interview with Sammy Glover: Director of Suddenly Last Summer - The Oxford Student

It's a drizzly Wednesday morning, and I'm sipping on an Americano in the foyer of the Oxford Playhouse. I'm meeting with Sammy Glover, member of the Experimental Theatre Club and director of Suddenly Last Summer, which runs here next week. Glover is immediately disarming, breezing into the room during a break in rehearsals - "what's this for?

The Oxford Student
Suspiria: Colourful but Clunky - The Oxford Student

It takes a special kind of person to watch a very stylized - and very seventies - psychological horror film and decide to adapt it for the stage. Not least because it is an almost impossible task to transfer the suspense, the action and the gore to live theatre, and because Suspiria, the 1977 cult classic originally directed by Dario Argento, is very much in the horror Hall of Fame.

Moving on up, and eating bad food

Salut from Paris! Or, more accurately, from my sofa at home in Coventry. Technical issues prevented me from uploading content for the past two weeks, so I'm publishing my backlog now while I'm visiting home. The past fortnight has been a bit of a blur really.