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Kate Diveley

Strategic communicator and impactful storyteller

Location icon United States

I'm a writer and communications strategist seeking to drive conversations that change the world for the better.


Tech startup thought leadership

Demystifying the future of artificial intelligence: commercial real estate and the tech of the...

In the commercial real estate industry, professionals embrace new technology in a particular pattern: Adoption → Integration → Transformation Adoption: a technology is introduced and accepted by the first wave of consumers and professionals Integration: the technology becomes a fully integrated part of the ecosystem for which it was designed and interfaces with other tools and applications Transformation: as users get comfortable with the technology, they begin utilizing it in more innovative...

The past, present and future of CRE technology

There's a common cliché that commercial real estate is an industry behind the times, operating with outdated technology and refusing to adapt to modern advances. But things are changing. The last couple years have seen a dramatic increase in the quality and adoption of CRE technology solutions, and this is setting the stage for a complete transformation of the industry.

Buildout: the Anti-CRM

A contact and property database should be an integral, seamless part of the work brokers and other CRE professionals do every day, not just an additional responsibility to maintain. That's why it's time to change the conversation around CRMs for commercial real estate. A database that adds to a brokerage team's working experience, not workload, is possible.

Nonprofit content

Active Schools
Active Schools Creative Campaign Concepts

I developed two new creative campaign concepts for Active Schools (formerly Michelle Obama's "Let's Move!" initiative) to showcase the importance of activity for kids.

Nonprofit marketing and communications blogs

Prosper Strategies
Progressive Messaging for Nonprofits

Recently, a friend of mine tweeted: "Stop calling disadvantaged kids disadvantaged kids." It's succinct, powerful and also relevant to what I do every day here at Prosper. As marketing and communications professionals working with nonprofits, it's important for us to consider how we frame narratives about our clients, the work they do and the people and communities they support.

Prosper Strategies
Gathering Good Quotes for Nonprofit Storytelling: A How-to Guide

What do you think is more likely to drive volunteers and donors to action: basic statements about the work your organization does, or true stories about the positive change you've created, straight from the communities you serve? Nine times out of 10, the answer will be nonprofit storytelling through first-person accounts of how your organization has made a real difference in someone's life.

Prosper Strategies
The Role of Content Marketing for Nonprofits

"Content marketing" is a far-reaching term that encompasses all of the written information you put into the world in an effort to educate your stakeholders and activate them in service of your mission. This content includes social media, blogs, emails, videos, case studies, white papers, op-eds and so much more.